YOU SAID IT: No free time?

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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For weeks, we were told we could book an appointment for our booster shot on Monday, December 13th.

Monday morning I went online to book an appointment “at my location.” After about 40 minutes, I started entering my information. Then something happened – do not know what, could have had to do with climate change. Anyway, the system went to hell in a hand basket, and that was it.

Around noon I tried to make an appointment on the phone. After not waiting that long, I gave my information and was told, “I could not book an appointment because there were no available appointments at my location.” “What about February,” I asked, and I got the same answer with “no vacancies at my location.” I also think I mentioned August.


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How the heck can there be no vacancies at my location when I live in the capital of Canada and not in the woods a place where you can only get to by boat?



(It was definitely a frustrating day for many. Fortunately, Ottawa Public Health responded by adding thousands of appointments. Let’s hope they’re better prepared this week.)


Re: Defense Minister delivers long-awaited apology to victims of military sex offense, online edition, December 13

What the heck? An excuse? (Guffaw!) What good is it to the victims? The perpetrators are still in CF (Canadian farces), serving their dough and smiling. An apology: Water under the bridge flows to the great unknown and indifferent world. Typical government action: do not create waves and do not confuse us politicians. The government is smiling too. “Another crisis became insignificant. Boy, are we good.”


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(Sorry is only a beginning. Real change is needed.)


Re: C-4 blown up, letter, Dec. 13

I could not believe the editorial comment (democratically elected representatives unanimously approved the bill in Parliament) to the above letter. Anyone who has made that comment must believe that in a democratic society, people who vote for a party other than the government in power should not expect the opposition to behave like an opposition… you know… oppose legislation from government, proposes changes and debates issue or problems. What they should do is lock in and help pass legislation without the age-old requirement of arguing and opposing. That’s what “opposition” means.

That is what happens in a socialist society. The government is proposing legislation, and bubbleheads, aka the opposition parties, are joining.


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(When the vote is unanimous, there is no opposition from the opposition.)


I personally have always had the impression that David Suzuki is a radical extremist who laughs all the way to the bank. I’m glad to see that he has publicly confirmed my assessment.

I regretted that he was given access to schools to brainwash young minds. I often wondered why parents jumped on his bandwagon without asking questions.

Using terrorist acts to achieve political goals is not unknown to radical environmental extremists. He no doubt incites violence with his dangerous rhetoric.

The Canadian Energy Center is just around the corner: The most effective way to deal with him and people like him is to derail the money train.



(Terrorist acts? Incitement to violence? Who uses dangerous rhetoric now?)



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