5 LA Rams coaches who may not be back in 2022

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As we are now days away from switching from 2021 to 2022, there are a whole host of new football topics coming to the fore. One of the most important, but painful, topics is the likelihood that the LA Rams will lose more coaches to other teams interested in sparking a bit of positivity and improvement by cannibalizing the coaching staff of the LA Rams again.

It’s another coaching carousel, the Alaska sourdough bread phenomenon. What do I mean? Well, due to lack of yeast, the first settlers in Alaskan would make a large loaf of sourdough and then pinch a piece off for storage in a warm humid place. Whenever the desire arose to do more, what did they do then? They just added the rest from last load to the new dough.

In much the same way, other teams are hopeful of cultivating the LA Rams’ positive winning culture by pinching a coach or two and building a new coaching staff around him. Of course, there are a number of elements that contribute to the LA Rams’ ability to flourish on the brink of wage cap drought, and what seems like a fountain of youth, but we can dive into those elements at a later date.

Okay, who risks leaving in the low season?

For now, it’s a good time to plant the flag with the positional coaches and coordinators who can be lured away from this LA Rams coaching staff when the 2022 coaching carousel begins again. These coaches, past and present, are the true unsung heroes of the team. They have often been asked to do more with less. While the Rams have taken big risks, it was the coaching staff that built the foolproof systems that minimized the risk and optimized performance.

Of course, transplanting Rams buses into new surroundings does not always have positive effects. When the Seattle Seahawks crept in on passing coordinator Shane Waldron as their new offensive coordinator and grabbed assistant offensive line coach Andy Dickerson, it seemed to hasten the Seahawks’ death.

So this year, we’ve kept our ear to the door to discover any whispers, rumors, or hypothetical “adjustments” by an LA Rams position coach to new opportunities in the 2022 season, and have made some remarks to ourselves to make sure we are not surprised this year (as we were in 2021 with seven dropouts). Clear? Here we go.

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