An increasing COVID-19 outbreak puts increasing pressure on blood banks as supplies run dry

While blood banks usually face lower-than-average supplies during the holiday season, she said they have never been confronted with such a critical shortage.

Australia needs more than 3,200 blood donors in less than a week.

Source: Delivered / Bloodblood

“We strongly believe in that [the shortage] is dealing with a number of people who have to take time to be tested and have to isolate themselves while waiting for their results or have to be quarantined because they are ill. “

It comes as NSW recorded the country’s highest COVID-19 daily in a total of 11,201 cases, and thousands more remain in self-isolation for several days while awaiting their pending results.

Lifeblood has listed NSW and Queensland as the places where the need is most urgent – both states’ hospitals require 1,000 donations each.

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And the challenge for Lifeblood has become even more urgent as hospitals around the country demand record-breaking demands for blood donations.

“It’s really crucial that people donate between now and Monday because there are patients in the hospital who need blood products and we need to make sure they get them.”

Blood banks need blood types O +, O-, A + and A- the most, Campbell Case said.

Lifeblood is urging Australians who are able to donate blood to fill in the gaps in donors now affected by COVID-19.

Source: Delivered / Bloodblood

“They are the most common blood types in Australia, so they are the most commonly needed in hospitals.

“About 90 percent of patients in hospitals have these blood types, so we need to increase those stocks.”

People recovering from COVID-19 can still donate blood after waiting 28 days since their last day to be contagious.

But without signs that the number of cases is slowing down, Lifeblood is urging Australians who are not positive about COVID-19 or awaiting COVID-19 results to come forward and ease the rising pressure on hospitals.

“We hope a whole bunch of new donors will join our ranks to help compensate for those who are unable to donate because they are gone or because they are in isolation or quarantined.”

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