Avalanche in Kootenays seriously injured two Monday afternoon – BC News

Avalanche hurts two

An avalanche seriously injured two people in Kootenays Monday afternoon.

On December 27 at At 3:30 p.m., Nelson Search and Rescue along with the Whitewater Ski Patrol responded to an SOS activation following a 2.5-mile avalanche outside the Whitewater Ski area on the south side of the East Peak of Evening Ridge.

According to Nelson SAR’s Facebook page, four people and two dogs were involved in the avalanche.

No one was completely buried by the avalanche, but two people were seriously injured and a sledge was required as darkness prevented the use of helicopter longline to get the victims out of the area.

With temperatures below -20C, rescuers worked quickly to bring everyone to safety. The rescue was carried out in the dark, in steep, dangerous terrain and involved more than 25 volunteers and Whitewater personnel.

Both patients were transferred to BC Ambulance at 11pm and taken to Trail Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

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