Avalon Raceway sprint car accident on Christmas Day 2021 results in no injuries to fans or driver Tim Hutchins

An Australian sprinter has thanked fans for their support after walking away unharmed from a frightening accident.

Spectacular footage shared on social media shows Tasmanian driver Tim Hutchins’ car whizzing through the air towards spectators at 6 p.m. Geelongs Avalon Raceway second Christmas Day night.
It was only two laps inside the A Main race for the 410 sprint cars when Hutchins and fellow rider Jack Lee collided, according to circuit management.
It was only the second round of A Main. Credit: Caitlyn Barry. (Caitlyn Barry)

The collision caused Hutchins’ car to roll at high speed before lifting into the air and over the first track of the racetrack.

Caitlin Barry and William Sneddon filmed right behind the second fence, which appeared to just stop the flying vehicle.

“It was a crazy night last night with a massive crash at Avalon,” Barry said on Facebook.

Scary footage shows Tasmanian driver Tim Hutchins’ car whizzing through the air towards spectators. Credit: Caitlyn Barry. (Caitlyn Barry)

“Will and I were standing right by the fence at the time I was filming and getting these footage.

“Luckily the drivers and the crowd were all safe and okay! It just shows how fast it can get scary!”

Sneddon said it was the biggest crash he had ever seen.

Avalon Raceway said the race had to be canceled due to the injury and curfew.

The race could not continue. Credit: Caitlyn Barry. (Caitlyn Barry)

“The time that would have been required to repair track facilities and restart the field for the rest of the race would have compromised Avalon Raceways’ strict curfew,” organizers said.

“This would make the sprint car’s main event a non-result. While everyone involved would walk away unscathed.”

Hutchins pulled up ‘a little stiff and sore’. (Caitlyn Barry)

“Just want to say a big thank you to everyone for your messages and calls after Tim crashed at Avalon on Christmas Day,” the team said.

“It has been a very overwhelming few days and not the return to races we had hoped for after 20 months off.

“Tim is a little stiff and sore, but soldiers on, as he always does to get T7 back on track as soon as possible.”

“Unfortunately 2 laps inside A main, we had a mess,” the team said.

“This not only ended our night, but the race was declared due to track damage and curfew.”

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