Bogdanoff twin ‘dies of Covid-19’ at 72 years old

Presenter Grichka Bogdanoff has died at the age of 72.

In a statement shared by his agent, the family of the eccentric French TV personality died Tuesday (December 28) surrounded by family.

French news media have reported that Grichka, best known for her work with twin brother Igor on French television, was admitted to intensive care at a hospital in Paris on December 15 after receiving Covid-19.

A source close to the Bogdanoff brothers said that neither Grichka nor Igor had been vaccinated against coronavirus (via The world).

Igor (left) with brother Grichka (AFP via Getty Images)

Igor (left) with brother Grichka (AFP via Getty Images)

Born in 1949 and descended from European royalty, Bogdanoffs’ first appeared on television in 1979 and presented the TV show Time X through the 1980s, which was one of the country’s first science fiction series.

They continued to appear in a number of science programs, mainly on science fiction and space.

In 2001, Grichka and Igor became involved in a scandal dubbed the “Bogdanoff Affair,” in which a series of articles written by the brothers about what they thought happened during the Big Bang were published in reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals, despite a report later that finding their dissertations had no scientific value.

In recent years, the Bogdanoff brothers had become popular figures in the cryptocurrency community and appeared in 2020 on the French version of The masked singer.

The twins were well known for their prominent chins, lips and cheekbones, but have always denied having undergone any plastic surgery.

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