Coronavirus crisis: Mark McGowan’s new swipe at NSW ahead of emergency National Cabinet meeting

Mark McGowan has taken a new grave in New South Wales over his handling of the pandemic, on the eve of an emergency meeting of the National Cabinet convened by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

About 11,201 new COVID cases were reported in NSW on Wednesday, almost double the state’s previous record and only 53 less than the number registered nationwide on Tuesday.

After being questioned about cases on the East Coast, WA’s premieres set the stage for a frosty reception from NSW officials on Thursday by firing a fresh grenade aimed at their tactics to deal with the health crisis.

“The good thing about watching NSW is that you can learn what not to do. They’ve chopped and switched on stitches, they’ve chopped and changed everything, really,” he said.

“By watching NSW you can see what works and what doesn’t work. In general, it works, they do not, so you work from – ‘do not do what NSW does’.”

It is the latest chapter in the saga between the two leaders, where NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet previously called Mr. McGowan “Gollum of Australian politics”.


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