Covid: ‘Up to 90% of intensive care patients have not had a booster jab,’ says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson said people should take a lateral flow test before meeting others, but pharmacies across the country report shortages, political correspondent Carl Dinnen reports

Up to 90% of coronavirus patients in intensive care have not had one Covid-19 booster vaccine, the Prime Minister has said.

Boris Johnson spoke during a visit to a vaccination center and urged anyone eligible to receive their third dose as Coronavirus cases across the UK continue to rise.

With only a few days until New Year’s Eve and millions of people across the UK expected to attend parties, the Prime Minister urged people to celebrate it in a “careful and sensible way”.

Johnson also defended the government’s decision not to impose anything extra Covid restrictions in England, a decision contrary to the leaders of the decentralized nations, who have all introduced stricter rules for social mixing as a result of soaring coronavirus cases due to the rapid spread of Omicron.

The Prime Minister calls for ‘careful and sensible’ celebration of New Year’s Eve

But the prime minister said his government had looked at the “balance of risks,” adding: “We see the data showing that yes, cases are rising and yes, hospital admissions are rising, but what makes a huge difference is the level of booster resistance or the level of vaccine-induced resistance in the population. “

Johnson advised New Year’s Eve to celebrate as safely as possible: “Take a test, ventilate, think of others – but above all, get a booster.”

Coronavirus: What you need to know

His comments come as the country once again broke its previous record for the highest number of Covid cases reported in a single day.

England and Wales registered 129,471 confirmed cases on Tuesday.

Separate figures for Scotland showed a further 9,360 cases, while no data were available for Northern Ireland.

The government has continued to promote booster vaccinations in an attempt to tackle increasing cases with one NHS campaign promoting has a “jabby new year”.

With action taken by the decentralized nations, the prime minister was questioned by journalists who asked “where have you been in the last 10 days” while Covid cases rose sharply.

The Prime Minister replied: “I have been to this country, where do you think?”

Has the Prime Minister been present when the Covid situation worsened?

In a speech at a vaccination center on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said: “I have no doubt at all that before January 1, before the new year, all adults in the country will have been offered the place to get a booster. They will be given a place to get one.

“The question is, are we getting people to take advantage of those slots? And that’s what’s going to happen.”

Johnson said he “can not stress too much” how important it is to get a booster jab, adding that there were 2.4 million eligible double-jabbed people who had not yet accepted the offer of a booster .

He told reporters: “I’m sorry to say this, but the vast majority of people who are currently ending up in intensive care at our hospitals are people who are not getting a boost.

“I’ve talked to doctors who say that the numbers run up to 90% of people on intensive care who do not get boost. If you are not vaccinated, you are eight times more likely to get into the hospital at all. taken.”

The Prime Minister praised the “large share of the British public” that had been boosted, saying the vaccination campaign had allowed England to maintain its current level of coronavirus control.

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