COVID Update WA: Mark McGowan confirms two new local cases related to backpacker

Western Australia has registered two new local cases of COVID-19 overnight.

The first case is a close contact with Case 1133, a French backpacker who arrived in Perth from Queensland earlier this month.

They attended the Perth Mess Hall event and are in self-quarantine.

The second case is not believed to have been at the Perth Mess Hall event, but is linked to the backpacker community in Perth.

“They are currently being interviewed by our contact trackers to determine exactly where they were infected and any movements they may have made while themselves contagious,” WA Prime Minister Mark McGowan said Wednesday.

There are still 54 close contacts from case 1133 that have not yet been tested, including 44 from the Perth Mess Hall event.

Of those participants, 16 have submitted incorrect contact information, McGowan said.

It has also been revealed that some contacts may have turned off their phones to avoid being called up by contact trackers.

Some attendees at Perth Mess Hall could have turned off their phones to prevent contact trackers from calling them.
Some attendees at Perth Mess Hall could have turned off their phones to prevent contact trackers from calling them. Credit: AAP / Getty

This means they can be difficult to track and restrictions will remain in place until at least January 4th.

“They’re not in trouble … just go and get tested and do the right thing,” Mr McGowan said.

The total number of locally acquired cases related to the most recent outbreak is now twelve, including the first case, Case 1133.

The total number of active confirmed cases in WA is now 25.

WA’s vaccination rate for Western Australians aged 12 and over is 91.7 per cent for the first dose and 83.6 per cent double dose.

Sir. McGowan got his third booster shot on Wednesday, taking to Twitter with a picture of himself getting a jab.

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“I rolled right up to WA again when it was time to get my third dose,” he wrote.

“We know that a third dose is so important to provide protection against the new Omicron variant.

“So when you become eligible, it is important that you get your third dose as soon as possible, whether it is from one of our state-run clinics, your GP or a pharmacist.

“Right now, anyone who received their first dose more than five months ago is eligible.”


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