East London Road, where drivers paid £ 5.2 million in fines in just 10 months

Trying to dodge a driving fine in London is like an Olympic sport.

If you have been caught driving in a bus lane, parking on a double yellow, or have unknowingly driven through a congestion charge zone – then you may want to avoid a busy road in Newham where over 40,000 driving offenses were recorded in just 10 months.

Newham Council is set to collect over £ 5,280,080 from drivers in Browning Road alone, reports Metro.

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Requests for Freedom of Information (FOI) were sent to all of London’s councils to find out where drivers are most likely to be caught in the capital. Browning Road came out of the top.

From January to October this year, 40,616 offenses were recorded on East London Road, with Newham Council earning an astonishing average of £ 17,368 in fines each day.

This is an average of £ 723 in fines per hour.

The road belongs to the wider Browning Ridge Road area scheme, which was launched in 2019 after residents complained about the number of cars driving through the area.

Now only buses, emergency services, cyclists, black taxis and residents are allowed to use the road.

Since the scheme was first implemented in 2019, Newham Council says it has significantly reduced poor air quality in the borough.

A spokesman for the council told Metro: “Newham has the worst air quality in the UK. However, following the introduction of the measures, Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the immediate area has been reduced by 40%.

“Since the introduction of the camera enforcement system, average speeds have been reduced from 20.4 mph to 19.3 mph.”

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From the remaining boroughs that responded to FOI requests, the City of London, Havering and Harrow and Islington Council are also expected to haul millions of pounds in for driving offenses.

Cornhill Street in the City of London was second with 22,241 traffic fines, a total of £ 1.4 million.

This was followed by Tangent Link in Havering with 10,129 fines, equivalent to £ 1.3 million, and Charlton Road in Harrow with 9,977 fines costing almost £ 1.3 million.

Highbury Hill in Islington was the fifth most notorious place for drivers to receive a driving fine, with 11,303 fines totaling £ 1.1 million.

And if you are prone to an unfortunate parking ticket, you may want to double-check parking restrictions in Westminster, Newham, Richmond, Kingston and Havering.

Westminster Council issued a total of 4,487 10-month parking fines on Queensway Street, equivalent to a striking £ 573,610.

High Street North was the next in Newham, where the council received just over £ 306,810 from 2,374 fines.

This was followed by Kew Green in Richmond with 2,422 fines totaling over £ 248,420 and Ashdown Road in Kingston with 3,159 fines totaling £ 189,540.

Finally, Exchange Street in Havering municipality issued 1,403 fines and collected £ 181,291.

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