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Scooters get Vancouver OK

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Electric scooters are now allowed on the streets of Vancouver – but there are some rules and regulations.

While commonly seen on city streets and sidewalks, electric scooters, motorized skateboards and mono-boards were all illegal to use in public until this week. The city council voted last week to officially allow them as part of a provincial pilot program.

“The electric scooter pilot project enables participating communities and the province to research, test and evaluate the safety and operation of electric scooters in an effort to expand sustainable transportation options,” the council said in a statement.

All Vancouverers are participating in the pilot project (City of Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, City of West Vancouver and District of North Vancouver), as are Kelowna and Vernon. Safety will be an important research point during the pilot project, Mayor Kennedy Stewart said in a press release.

“As the use of electrical devices becomes even more widespread, it is important for us to better understand these new sustainable modes of transportation,” he adds.

A number of rules are in place for those who use the various electronic wheel units. Operators must be 16 years of age, the units must meet provincial requirements, they must be limited to speeds below 24 km / h, they must not be used on sidewalks, seawalls and major streets, and rental / sharing programs are not permitted at this time.

They are allowed in protected bike paths and smaller streets.

The pilot program runs until April 5, 2024. Staff will have a preliminary report in 2023.

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