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We must admit that we did not see the resignation of Lambeth Council Leader, Councilor Jack Hopkins. We doubt if Captain Jacko also saw it coming, to be honest.

Meanwhile, Homes for Lambeth continued with the property regeneration project around the borough, just as they continued to ask the Council for more money.

Much more positive were the many new murals that appeared around Brixton. The TY and Marvin Gaye artworks remain Brixton Buzz favorites.


April started with an exclusive Brixton Buzz: We reported on one new Victoria Line station planned for Brixton opposite the Hondo Enormo-Tower site. We published the story on the morning of April 1st.

Life of TY was celebrated in a magnificent mural that appeared on Valentia Place. It captured TY’s Brixton Baby tracks in art form.

Home to Lambeth tightened the screws on the operation of the council-owned real estate development company. We reported on how Council Chairman Andrew Travers now has the final say on approving HfL board members. Feel like it.

External inquiry into the Council’s affairs came from And Lambeth group. Ironically, One Lambeth split in two later in the year. The car-loving anti-LTN faction did not seem to share the same vision as others in the group fighting for more transparency at City Hall.

Possibly the most bizarre Council story we’ve ever reported on at Brixton Buzz took place when a Labor Cabinet member Councilor Matthew Bennett voted against its own budget and supported the opposition’s green plans instead. These included a rejection of the ‘destructive’ property regeneration plans – the key policy that Councilor Bennet has pushed through over the past decade. Any lineage from a Labor Councilor usually results in the culprit being thrown out of the Labor Group. Councilor Bennett remains in his top cabinet post.

That cutting of Council departments prior to the local elections in 2022 continued. The Labor-controlled Business Committee tried to argue against the latest set of proposals made by the Border Commission. There was a suspicion that the Labor Group wanted to relocate the Streatham branches to try to ward off any green threat.

Local businesses and facilities began to open once again as Covid restrictions were slowly lifted. Lion Vibes in Brixton Village and Brockwell Lido were welcomed back by many.

Definitely not open up it was All the way from Switzerland pub. Is there anything more depressing than a booze on the table?

Hondo continued to disrupt the local economy. We reported on how Corner copy left Brixton Village after landlord Hondo withdrew the rent and revoked the tenancy rights. But the Hondo Enormo-Tower will create a nice, fluffy ‘capitalist ecosystem’, right?

The Lambeth Council continued to do what the Lambeth Council does – which for April 2021 meant peeling off local campaigners by refuses to publish a petition from One Lambeth demanding a return to the committee system.

Meanwhile, Event Lambeth – Council Commercial Arrangement Company – used for close parts of Clapham Common for 63 days from May to October.

Outdoor booze returned to Brixton Windmill pub. Hooray!

40 years anniversary of The Brixton Uprising was celebrated in various forms around the city. Unfortunately, Covid restrictions meant that many events could not take place. The outdoor display along the Atlantic Road was a decent reminder of our not-too-distant past.

The return of Brockwell Park Miniature Railroad was something else to celebrate.

Lambeth Green Party supports survivors of child sexual abuse in their call to answer unanswered questions

Council Chairman Councilor Jack Hopkins had something of a shake-up of his Progress Cabinet ahead of the 2022 local elections. Well, that was at least the plan from Captain Jacko. The main winner was Brixton Hill Councilor Maria Kaye, who took on the portfolio of housing and homeless people after being deputy in the finance role. Deputy Councilwoman Jennifer Brathwaite left her cabinet role. Under the Members’ Allowance Scheme, each cabinet member is paid £ 28,518. Deputies paid £ 10,905 for their problems.

Home to Lambeth was nominated for an industry award – which was definitely not an attempt to beat expensive tickets to a bubbling awards ceremony. Nix.

The new Civic year meant one new mayor of Lambeth. Step forward councilor Annie Gallop, who got the bling on for twelve months. Her selected charities included the glorious Ebony Horse Club at Loughborough Junction.

The calls to scrap the cabinet system at City Hall continued. The Green Opposition Group supported the One Lambeth plans for a return to the committee system.

Homes for Lambeth once again had the begging cabbage out at City Hall, this time asking for £ 3 million extra public money to complete the first phase of ‘regeneration’ on Westbury Estate.

In pictures: Residents protest Lambeth's Low Traffic Neighborhood schemes

Across the road in Windrush Square and the first protest against LTN took place. We were there to capture the action.

That Cherry Groce Memorial in Windrush Square was finally revealed. Designed by Sir David Adjaye – the men behind the Hondo Enormo-Tower – The memorial is a tribute to Cherry Groce, an innocent mother who was shot in her home in 1985 by the Metropolitan Police.

It also took place in Windrush Square May 1 celebration and #KillTheBill protest.

We have taken a closer look at how And Lambeth became two.

April ended with Brixton Buzz thinking about some of the crazy marketing hype that recently surfaced Brixton Village.

Able to

The month of May started with some brave ones Extinction Rebellion of One protests.

Protest was also on the minds of the residents at Central Hill An estate that Lambeth wants to ‘recreate’. Locals took their protest to City Hall.

Another property threatened by Homes for Lambeth was among the top ten buildings threatened by the 20th Century Society. Still, Homes for Lambeth continues regardless of the ‘regeneration’ plans at Cressingham Gardens.

Labor retained the Lambeth & Southwark London Assembly constituency seat in May City Hall election. Count Binface smashed Piers Corbyn and UKIP in the constituency.

In a shocked move, Councilor Jack Hopkins leave his role as head of the Lambeth Council. The oval councilor had only held the top post for two years. No reason was given for the departure. Less than two weeks later and The Guardian reported that Councilor Hopkins was under investigation by the Labor Party for alleged sexual misconduct and unwanted touching. Councilor Hopkins has not attended a full council meeting since resigning as leader.

The work of the Council continued. Step forward to the developer with plans for one 96-room hotel on Dorrell Place, between Marks & Sparks and Superdrug.

Lambeth Council and Met Police faced a £ 1.5m legal bill Africa’s International Day of Action in Kennington Park in 2017. The Supreme Court found that both organizations had illegally violated the plaintiffs’ rights law under the Human Rights Acts 1998. The council sought to ban a speech by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

STYLER was back on the agenda and back around Windrush Square.

Local activists impressed by making £ 6,000 available for a public art project to highlight the utter folly of the Hondo Enormo-Tower. The money was raised in support of the fight against Hondo as it tried to kick Nour Cash & Carry out of Market Row.

In pictures: the restoration work is almost complete on Brixton's iconic Nuclear Dawn mural

The restoration work began for the historic Nuclear Dawn mural along Coldharbour Lane. This was part of the Somerleyton Road redevelopment.

The first of a regular Palestine solidarity demo took place outside Brockwell Park.

Meanwhile over kl Clapham Common and local advocates opposed the Council’s plans to pimp public space for private events.

Another landmark mural appeared around the city – this time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s classic What’s Going On album.

Brixton Buzz was the first to bring the news that three candidates had stepped forward takeover from Councilor Jack Hopkins as leader by the Lambeth Council. Councilors Ed Davie, Lucy Caldicott and Claire Holland all had their chances. They made their seats for the 57-man Labor Group at City Hall.

Councilor Claire Holland emerged as the victor, who replaces his colleague Oval parish councilor as the new leader at City Hall. Full council would later do the nod-troupe thing and formally agree on the appointment.

Southwark Metals’ planned move from Lewisham to West Norwood led to a campaign by local residents to stop the farm opening on their doorstep.

Back at Brockwell Park and there was a campaign to combat the proposed reduction in playground size.


Full Council rubber stamp Councilor Claire Holland as the new leader at City Hall. It was a matter of welcoming the new boss, the same as the old boss, at least purely politically.

And Lambeth came and knocked on the new manager’s door and asked her to drop the cabinet system.

That Central Hill Estate Fighters also remained active in June. They staged a protest outside City Hall to try to prevent their home from being ‘rebuilt’.

A restored Nuclear Dawn mural was unveiled along Coldharbour Lane.

Just down the road, a sinkhole appeared.

Lambeth Council refuses to plan permission for the Loughborough Junction Twin Towers, but the fight continues

It was not all doom on the planning front. PAC denied permission for the twin towers at Loughborough Junction.

Brixton House Theater announced the first ten Associate Artists who will be working on the new venue over the first two years. It looks like a promising 2022 for the new theater.

It was great to see that £ 15,000 crowdfund for a short film documenting part of the Brixton activist’s life Oliven Morris was greeted.

Homes for Lambeth reached out further around the borough. Brixton Buzz reported how the council-owned company plans to build 78 private apartments on the outskirts of Larkhall Park in Stockwell.

The council promised to cough up £ 3m in match funding for the restoration of Brockwell Hall. There was the warning that this money was to be recovered through private events.

Peter Crouch returns to Dulwich Hamlet FC to star in the new Discovery TV series

Dulwich Hamlet announced that Peter Crouch was to return as ‘instructor’ to Champion Hill to help ‘save the club’. It was later revealed that this was part of a lousy TV show with reality soap.

Lambeth signed up for one try e-scooter throughout the district.

Bright Awake, Across the Tracks and the Mighty Hoopla Festivals were all ready to be approved for a late-summer performance at Brockwell Park in September.

Anti-LTN advocates were left to plan their next move after a Supreme Court judge rejected a legal challenge to the scheme.

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