He dreams of becoming a police officer … but the 18-year-old said that ‘it is no longer possible’ after the incident at McDonald’s

A teenager hoping to become a police officer was caught with a knife after officers were called to a riot outside a McDonald’s.

Keegan Hadfield, 18, was spoken to in the back seat of a police car when an officer asked what was in his bag hanging from his neck.

He said to them, “A knife, do you think I will not carry one when someone threatens to stab me?”

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Hadfield, of Sale, then produced the five-inch kitchen knife, the Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard.

There was no indication that he was involved in the previous riots outside McDonald’s in Trafford, prosecutor Nicole Bridgman said.

Hadfield pleaded guilty to felony possession of a knife and threatening to damage property after he became involved in a dispute with a mother and her daughter.

On June 10 this year, the mother called the police because of that dispute.

The following day, she heard someone throwing stones at her living room window, but could not see who it was.

Manchester Magistrates’ Court

“That night, her phone rang up to 24 times in five minutes without dialing,” the prosecutor said.

“She answered it at least once when she was worried that it was the police who called her back about the incident that involved her daughter.

“When she responded, she received threats that her property would be damaged and her daughter would be assaulted.

“She recognized the voice as the defendant and another person.”

In a statement, the woman said she found herself ‘felt on edge’ and scared as she never knew what would happen.

She added that she had struggled to sleep and felt anxious and worried about her family’s safety.

Two weeks later, on June 26, police were called to report a riot outside McDonald’s on Broadheath, in which a group of men threatened another group inside the restaurant.

When police arrived, things seemed to be spreading.

Two officers spotted Hadfield and wanted to talk to him about various matters and placed him in the back of their car.

It was then that he volunteered that he had the knife, the court said.

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When she approached the judges about guidelines for sentencing, Bridgman said there could have been a risk of serious suffering.

She cited case law, saying: “Even if there were concerns, there may be a misunderstood sense of the possibility of self-defense, but it only takes a moment or something completely trivial for the weapon to be manufactured.”

Hadfield was said to have no previous convictions.

Mitigating, his lawyer Victoria Parker said her client was “incredibly sorry and apologetic” to the court and to the victim.

“If you’ve seen the presentation report, it says there are some mental issues,” she said.

“He has already been diagnosed with ADHD.

“It’s a sad irony that he’s never been in trouble with her before, he simply went out with a friend – it’s not an apology, but just an explanation.

“As for the knife violation, he did not intend to use it on anyone.

“People do not understand the danger of carrying a weapon.”

She added that he has distanced himself from certain groups and wants to move on with his life – adding that his goal ‘has always been to join the police and the forces’.

Keegan Hadfield leaves Manchester Magistrates’ Court

JP Joan Cooper asked Hadfield standing in the dock, “If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?”

“Be a police officer,” he replied.

“You recognize that it is no longer an option? I also read in your journal that you smoke cannabis – do you recognize that it jams your brain?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“It exacerbates your worries. You need to watch television where they have crime dramas about carrying knives? If I have a problem, I’ll call 999, I do not go with a knife. I think you appreciate that now, do not you? ? ” JP Cooper asked him.

“Yes,” Hadfield replied.

She judged him and said, “How horrible it is to find yourself here.

“You look like a really sweet young boy – this has really spoiled that sight.

“You’ll have to work hard to get your reputation back.”

Hadfield of Haydock Avenue was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison, which was suspended for 12 months, six weeks electronically monitored curfew from 1 p.m.

He was also subjected to a restraining order prohibiting him from contacting the victims for 12 months.

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