Hero firefighters save the life of an unconscious man after smashing into a burning home

Firefighters saved a man’s life after breaking into a smoky home today.

They struggled into the semi-detached property in Westhoughton, near Bolton, before finding a man believed to be in his late 50s unconscious and unresponsive in a bedroom.

Firefighters from Hindley and Atherton arrived at the scene within five minutes, and crews wearing respirators forced their way into the house as the smoke billowed out of the windows.

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They carried the man who was not breathing out of the house and performed CPR on him immediately. He got around before paramedics from the Northwest Ambulance Service arrived to take over.

Fire trucks in Thorn Well, Westhoughton

The man was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital, where it is understood that his life is no longer in mortal danger.

Event manager and Wigan station manager Chris Evans praised the response from crews from Hindley, Atherton and Bolton, who all arrived at the Thorn Well fire site within five minutes of the 8.30am call.

Sir. Evans also praised a neighbor who saw flames tearing through the house’s kitchen, and immediately called 999.

Sir. Evans said, “The neighbor and the crews who got there as quickly and reacted as they did have saved this man’s life. It’s so gratifying to have this kind of outcome at this time of year.”

He said the cause of the fire was under investigation by police and fire experts, but it was not thought to have been suspicious.

And he continued, “We have also found that no smoke alarms were installed in this property. I would urge homeowners to make sure they have smoke alarms installed and that they work.”

Advice and assistance with installing smoke alarms is available by visiting the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service website here.


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