LA Food Writers discuss what they look forward to in 2022

Welcome to Year in Eater 2021 an annual tradition that looks back on the highs, lows, and midway between Los Angeles’ restaurant scene. Today, LA’s best food writers, editors and journalists share what they’re most looking forward to in 2022.

Caroline Pardilla, freelance writer and Eater LA contributor

I want to see what chef John Sedlar ends up doing in that area of ​​La Brea Avenue. Hope it also involves a killer cocktail show like Rivera did. Also so glad that Here’s Looking at You is back. Technically, they reopened this month, but can not wait to visit them again next year.

Esther Tseng, freelance food writer

Kato in the new ROW room. I’m excited about how the new, larger space will be able to allow chef Jon Yao to truly expand his vision and do all the things he has wanted to do with his Taiwanese-inspired tasting menu. Though it was fantastic, his Westside place clearly cramped his style. I also hope that 2022 is when Spoon by H reopens (see my answer to “What was the saddest restaurant closure in 2021?”)!

Chirashi from Kato in Los Angeles, California.

Kato [Official photo]

Evan Kleiman, great food host

Jihee Kim’s Perilla LA brick and mortar and HLAY!

Hillary Dixler-Canavan, Eater Restaurant Editor

I’m excited about the return of Here’s Looking at You.

Josh Lurie, founder

I could not possibly limit my enthusiasm to an upcoming restaurant, but I am particularly excited about Kuya Lord chef Lord Maynard Llera’s first full-fledged Filipino restaurant and Hatchet Hall opening chef Brian Dunsmoor’s return to a restaurant kitchen.

Lesley Suter, Eater Travel Editor

I have not actually reached Estrano yet, but when I was working on the Bestia cookbook, Diego was so amazing and helpful and I could see his talent with pasta. Every menu I see is just so wild and adventurous. I put it at the top of my list for 2022.

Farley Elliott, senior editor at Eater LA

I can not wait to see what Smoke Queen BBQ does for the Orange County food scene next year, though I would be lying if I said I was not excited to see Lincoln Carson come back to LA with his upcoming Hollywood opening Mes Friends.

A long leaf cuts char siu beef inside the Smoke Queen BBQ

Smoke Queen BBQ
Wonho Frank Lee

Matthew Kang, Eater LA editor

The Yangban Society could really mark the emergence of amazing modern Korean food in LA, even though the arrival of Kinn, Tokki and Perilla (once given a permanent place) has already shown the kitchen’s viability.

Mona Holmes, Eater LA Reporter

There was a period when a new batch of Black-owned coffee shops were on their way to Los Angeles. COVID-19 changed all of this, but I’ll be looking for them. I look forward to trying Chef Lincoln Carson’s food again with Mes Amis. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to try Chef Bradford Kent’s Bagel + Slice during a pop-up, and I loved the toppings and the crust. Looking forward to seeing how his bagels fare in Highland Park. Also looking forward to seeing many years of Inglewood restaurants reaping the benefits of being near SoFi Stadium.

Nicole Adlman, Eater Cities Manager

Eater LA’s Stories of the Barbecue Trail and the BBQ Week featured some of the most compelling food magazines I & # 39; ve read this year, and there are still so many places introduced to me in them that I’d love to visit next year – from Barbacoa Estilo Atotonilco El Grande in Arleta, California, to barbacoa de chivo, which begins its journey in Pixley, California and feeds its community outside an Arleta DMV, to Rodney’s Ribs in Pasadena, a smoked rib joint located on a CVS parking lot.

Patricia Kelly Yeo, Food & Beverage Editor, TimeOut LA

I’m curious and quite eager to drive over to the Arts District again for the Yangban Society, Katianna and John Hong’s Korean-American delicacy and mini market. After over a year of waiting, I can not wait to see how the more relaxed project will be.

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