Met Office is releasing an update on the exact date when the snow will hit the northeast in January

Forecasters have predicted the exact date when the snow will fall in the northeast.

Maps from WXCharts show that mercury is set to fall rapidly after the first week of January with temperatures below zero that could drop as low as -4C for some parts of the UK, reports the Mirror.

Between January 8 and January 12, some regions will see temperatures drop to below zero, and the northeast will see -1C on January 9.

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By January 10, both Scotland and the south-east of England could see low temperatures of -4C, while at the same time a generous layer of snow will settle across the country.

Diagrams show that snow will first settle in the high ground around Yorkshire before covering a wide area stretching from Edinburgh to Brighton. It is predicted that the snow depth will stay between 1 cm and 3 cm.

Most of the country is expected to be affected, but it is expected that the winter weather will not be disruptive.

Meteorologist Craig Snell of the Meteorological Office has said temperatures are expected to return closer to normal for January after the mild end of December.

“(After New Year’s Eve) there is a tendency for temperatures to return closer to normal,” he said.

New Year's scenes like this one in Northumberland in 2021 could be repeated this year
New Year’s scenes like this in Northumberland in 2021 may be repeated next year

“It’s not surprising as the temperatures are well above average.”

Sir. Snell added: “At this time of year, if we see some clearer cracks at night, it gives some risk of frost, especially in the northern half of the UK.”

Forecasters believe that New Year’s Eve may be the warmest ever, with temperatures set to reach 15C in some parts of the country.

Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst of the Met Office said: “The record is 14.8 C on New Year’s Eve, and that was in 2011.

“Temperatures appear to be 14-15C, so it is possible that temperatures may be that value.”

Here is the five day weather forecast for the Northeast


A bright and sunny start with a touch of frost in some places that quickly worsens as a rain band moves east over the region. Rain can be heavy at times, but will soon clear east in the late afternoon. Windy. Maximum temperature 11 ° C.


A cloudy but dry night in many areas, possibly a little rain over the Pennines and far to the north. Remains windy and feels mild. Rain returns around dawn. Minimum temperature 4 ° C.


An unresolved day. Mostly cloudy with windy showers, although some drier breaks are also possible. Risk of heavy rain in the evening. Remains mild. Maximum temperature 13 ° C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday

Slight rain on Friday, partly cloudy with a chance of rain later in the day. Very windy Saturday and Sunday with heavy, windy showers. Very mild all weekend.

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