“My daughter could have caught anything”: Mother, 33, blows up hospital as shocking images appear to show blood, syringe packets and dirty masks scattered across the floor of the waiting room

A mother has blown up the condition of a hospital waiting room, which appeared to have been left with dried blood, spray packs and dirty masks scattered across the floor.

Halli Dee, 33, said she was disgusted with the condition of the room after taking her vulnerable teenage daughter to Stepping Hill Hospital on Christmas Day.

Her daughter, Tori Dale, has three kidneys and is believed to have contracted an infection when her mother took her to the hospital emergency room Sunday night.

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The Offerton mother said she was shocked to find unhygienic hospital equipment in the waiting room she and her daughter had been asked to use.

Pictures also show a crumpled hospital dress on a chair, a dirty mug left on a table and a trash can filled with empty packages.

Halli said the bed had been left without a sheet on it

“We were attending Stepping Hill and she was immediately seen by a nurse and then we were taken to a room in the A&E and asked to wait,” Halli said in a speech to the MEN.

“At first they would not let me in with her, but I told them she was suffering from anxiety and I needed to be with her. I’m lucky I did, because the room was disgusting and I did not want to. have wanted her there on her own.

“There was blood on the floor, face masks, spray packs that had been opened and there was no sheet on the bed.

“My daughter has three kidneys, so she’s vulnerable – she could have caught anything from there.”

Halli claimed that it took the staff 10 minutes to come and clean the room after she raised concerns that it was not suitable for her daughter.

“I had to help them clean it. I wiped the chair off with rubbing alcohol,” she said.

“It was one of the nurses who had to come and clean. I was very concerned that they did not have a cleaning assistant there. It was disgusting.

“My daughter was in so much pain that I tried to get it done quickly so she could lie down.

Pictures also show a trash can overflowing with packages

“Since that day I have been feeling sick with a cold and I have to do regular lateral flow tests. I do not know if I have been caught anything.”

Halli said her daughter was given the opportunity to spend the night in the hospital on an IV drop, but chose to go home.

“She said ‘mom, I can not stay here, it’s disgusting,'” she said.

“This is our local hospital – it’s just outside our doorstep. If anything happens, it’s where we’re going, but it’s made me not want to go back to Stepping Hill.

“They’re supposed to be there to protect children, but she could have liked worse.”

A spokesman for the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, which operates the hospital, said: “High standards of cleanliness and hygiene are extremely important to us at Stepping Hill Hospital.

Rooms should be fully prepared and cleaned before patients are treated in them.

“It seems that has not happened on this occasion.

“Our understanding is that the room in question was only in this condition for a very short time during an extremely busy time in our emergency room.

“It should have happened nonetheless, and we apologize for not living up to our usual high standards on this occasion.”


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