NB COVID-19 roundup: 95 employees are off work at Saint John hospital

Nearly 100 healthcare professionals at Saint John Regional Hospital are in isolation after exposures to three wards.

Margaret Melanson, vice president of quality and patient-centered care at Horizon Health Network, said no outbreaks have been declared at the hospital.

She said 95 health workers are off work “for COVID-19 related reasons.”

Melanson said there have been confirmed exposures to the emergency room, internal medicine (4CN) and general surgery (3CN).

“Patients are being placed in isolation as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of transmission,” she said in an email.

“While the staff resources at SJRH are sparse, there has been no disruption to the services.”

More than 2,000 New Brunswickers are infected with COVID-19, and public health reports hundreds of new cases a day.

A pandemic high was reported on Christmas Day – 309 new cases. It is not clear how much this spread is driven by Omicron and how much of other variants, although Public Health has confirmed 147 cases of the Omicron variant so far.

Restaurants surprised at how quickly the business evaporated

In year two of the pandemic, restaurants were improving, restrictions were eased, and people felt more secure eating out. But it has a sharp rise in cases and the new variant put a quick stop to.

Luc Erjavec, Atlantic Vice President of Restaurants Canada, said any hope that restaurant owners had of having a lucrative holiday season has disappeared.

“It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride,” Erjavec said Information morning. The industry had worked really hard with public health officials. And things seem to be returning to normal. “

Luc Erjavec, Restaurant Canada’s vice president for the Atlantic region, says restaurants will have to fight to stay afloat. (Luc Erjavec)

Tuesday marked the beginning of new restrictions in New Brunswick. Households now have to limit their close contacts to 10 people, and restaurants are now limited to 50 percent capacity. They must also either implement two meters of physical distance or install barriers between tables.

“Suddenly, when the restrictions came out, reservations from the books fell in droves,” Enjavec said. “Potentially lost sales of millions of dollars.”

He said the first two weeks of December were amazing, and the last two weeks were “complete despair.”

9:08Omicron shattered optimism in the restaurant industry

Not long ago, restaurant operators looked forward to people at the tables and cash registers calling during the holidays. Now their mood turns to despair. Luc Erjavec from Restaurants Canada talks to host Vanessa Blanch about how the industry is doing. 9:08

Erjavec said restaurant owners did not want to lay off any workers a week before Christmas, and “thankfully” federal subsidies were reintroduced.

“We need it,” he said. “It’s going to be a long, hard winter. I can say we’re a robust industry. We were innovative. We’ve been through this a couple of times now in the last couple of years and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves. And start over.”

He said the biggest challenge is building consumer confidence when public health measures start to work and the number of cases falls.

New public exposure notices

Public health is also reporting some new public exposures

Zone 1, Moncton Region

  • December 26 between midnight and kl. 9 – Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont Hospital, Moncton, emergency room
  • December 25 between midnight and noon. 9 – Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont Hospital, Moncton, emergency room

Flight exposures

  • December 23 – Air Canada Flight 7920 – from Montreal to Fredericton, departure at 22.30
  • December 23 – Air Canada Flight 7918 – from Montreal to Fredericton, departure at 13.35
  • December 23 – Air Canada Flight 8510 – from Montreal to Bathurst, departure at 20.41
  • December 23 – Porter Airlines Flight 247 – from Toronto to Ottawa, departure at 12.55; Porter Airlines Flight 259 – from Ottawa to Moncton, departed at 18.35
  • December 22 – Air Canada Flight 8498 – from Toronto to Saint John, departure at 20.57
  • December 21 – Porter Airlines Flight 205 – from Ottawa to Fredericton, departing at 8:20
  • December 21 – Air Canada Flight 7916 – from Montreal to Fredericton, departure at 8.00
  • December 21 – Air Canada Flight 7918 – from Montreal to Fredericton, departure at 13.25
  • December 20 – Air Canada Flight 7994 – from Montreal to Moncton departed at. 13:23
  • December 20 – Porter Airlines Flight 205 – from Ottawa to Fredericton, departing at 8:20
  • December 20 – Air Canada Flight 7998 – from Montreal to Moncton, departure at 22:11
  • December 20 – Porter Airlines Flight 205 – from Toronto to Fredericton departed at. 6:56

What to do if you have a symptom

Anyone who is concerned about having COVID-19 can take a self-assessment test online.

Public health says the symptoms have included fever above 38 C, a new or worsening cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, a new onset of fatigue and difficulty breathing.

In children, the symptoms have also included purple markings on fingers and toes.

If you get any of these symptoms, stay home, call 811 or your doctor and follow the instructions.

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