New dump of snow on the way to Metro Vancouver and Interior while the cold continues – BC News

More snow falls over BC

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Weather forecasts covered most of British Columbia on Wednesday as bitter Arctic winds caused temperatures to drop and another round of snow could add new challenges to the bone-hard conditions.

Environment Canada issued snowfall warnings with up to 15 inches of snow forecast for Prince George and much of the central interior through Thursday.

The weather office also warned that up to 10 inches could cover Metro Vancouver, eastern Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast and Fraser Valley early Thursday.

However, less snow is expected in Okanagan, with 5 cm forecast to fall in Kelowna on Wednesday night, followed by another 2 cm on Thursday morning.

These warnings came when forecasters said that wind cooling in the northern BC. made it feel like -40 C or colder, with wind cooling values ​​of -35 C in the southeastern parts of the province and -20 C on the south coast.

Cooling conditions eased slightly around Greater Vancouver on Tuesday, but BC Hydro said the extreme lows across the province set a new record for peak demand for electricity on Monday night, beating a 2020 record of 325 megawatts.

A statement from the crown-owned utility said it could meet growing electricity needs, but urged residents to ease some of the pressure on the system by washing clothes or running dishwashers earlier in the day or later at night.

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