Past Times: December 29, 1992 | Canberra Times

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The front page of the Canberra Times reported this day in 1992 on sales frenzy after Christmas. A floor manager from Grace Brothers was knocked unconscious by stomping offer-hungry crowds, the report said. Patrick Lucas had tried in vain to slow down the raucous shoppers who sprinted to get discounted microwaves and televisions by standing in a hallway and calling for calm. He was instantly knocked to the ground, where he lay still for about 10 minutes with staff unable to clear away the crowds or do anything for him other than prevent him from being trampled. Another employee, Scott Lambourne, raised his hands and urged the audience to retreat as he crouched over the unconscious floor manager. The store manager, Richard Barrett, shaken by the intensity of the infatuation, said, “I have certainly never seen anything like it.” The incident happened moments after Grace Brothers staff spoke down to the opening at 6 p.m. 8 a.m., and hundreds of shoppers broke into the Canberra Center store from four entrances, disrupting exhibits and overwhelming staff and security guards. The limited number of “doorbuster” offers – $ 29 trampolines, $ 99 TVs, $ 50 microwaves and $ 99 golf sets – were surrounded by pushing, shouting, screaming and pushing crowds, some throwing themselves over the limited number of cartons to try to save one more itself . The deals were sold within seconds, but that did not stop thousands of customers from entering the store until it was difficult to move. Sir. Barrett said the store recorded 2,700 sales in the first hour, at least three times more than the year before. He said the manager, who was flattened by the bustle, was an “unfortunate incident”. Mr. Lucas recovered and was sent home. See


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