People share pictures of painted mattresses dumped around London

Do you have an unused mattress lurking in your apartment? Maybe you have one that turns gray from mold that dissolves into a slimy, spongy porridge in your backyard? Is that a yes? Time for an art project.

Londoners have turned their old mattresses into public art with a flurry of photographs documenting the whimsical, graffiti junk shared as the latest craze on social media.

A photo shared by a Facebook user shows a mattress dumped in a Finchley driveway, complete with an angry cartoon face scattered across the front. Others are a little more sophisticated, such as this festive one that was snapped by another Facebook user with a colorful Christmas tree. But perhaps the best are those with truly cryptic messages – for only in the capital would people seize the opportunity to share their gloom while waiting for the council to take care of their shit.

See some of London’s best ‘mattress art’ below:

A mattress with the words 'I love to play games, I can not win'
Photo: Ben Adam / FacebookA user found this mattress in Leyton
A spray-painted mattress
Photo: Katrina Bradley / FacebookMerry Christmas mattress! Found in Bethnal Green
A spray-painted mattress
Photo: Ramona Devotchka / FacebookThis mattress does not seem to be happy to be left outside in Finchley
A spray-painted mattress
Photo: Charles Loft / FacebookFound a few years ago near Lambeth Walk

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