Quiz: How well do you know London? 50 questions and answers

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Do you know your bank from your Embankment? (Image: Getty)

Whether you are a born and raised EastEnder, or if the capital has become your home away from home, Londoners are incredibly proud of their city – and their knowledge of it.

Do you think you know your Bakerloo from your Waterloo, and the correct pronunciation of Southwark?

Why not give Metro.co.uk‘s ultimate Try the London Quiz and prove you can not be Thamed.

Find out if you are a Circle Line connoisseur or a Northern Line novice.

How well do you know London?

Q: How many London Boroughs are there?
ONE: 32

Q: How many underground lines are there?

Woman reading a Metro newspaper in London Underground

In London, the world is your Oyster kort card (Image: TOLGA AKMEN / AFP via Getty Images)

Q: What was the original Roman name for London?
ONE: Londinium

Q: In what year did London last host the Olympics?
ONE: 2012

Q: What is London’s theater district generally known as?
ONE: West End

Q: Which pipeline is depicted in green on the underground map?
ONE: District

Q: What district does Stormzy come from?

Q: In what year was the great fire in London?
ONE: 1666

Q: At which London landmark can ‘Traitor’s Gate’ be located?
The Tower of London

Q: In which district is the Globe Theater located?
ONE: Southwark

Q: How many ravens are to be kept in the Tower of London at any one time?

They have extra ravens by the tower, just in case (Photo: Getty)

Q: What nickname does the central criminal court get?
ONE: Old Bailey

Q: What sport is practiced at Lord’s?

Q: If Big Ben is the clock, what’s it called? The tower?
Elizabeth Tower

Q: Which country donates the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree each year?
ONE: Norway

Q: Which famous Peruvian bear was named after a train station in London?
ONE: Paddington

Q: What’s the real name of The Gherkin Building?
ONE: 30 St Mary Ax

Q: Which pipeline ends at Cockfosters?
ONE: Picadilly

Q: What is London’s largest district?
ONE: Bromley

Q: Which motorway revolves around London?
ONE: M25

Q: What is the nickname for the Fenchurch building?
ONE: The Walkie-Talkie building

Q: How many London Boroughs start with the letter ‘H’?
Seven – (Bonus point for naming them all: Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon and Hounslow)

Q: How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites does London have?
ONE: Fire

Q: Can you name all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in London?
ONE: Tower of London, The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Maritime Greenwich and The Palace of Westminster with Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church

Q: Which London building also serves as Gringotts Bank in the Harry Potter films?
ONE: House of Australia

Q: What’s the name of the famous performing arts school that Adele and Amy Winehouse went to?
The British school

Q: What is the name of the famous strip that leads to Buckingham Palace?
The mall

Q: What color are London buses?

Q: In which London borough do you find a statue dedicated to Amy Winehouse?
ONE: Camden Town

Q: What’s the name of London’s famous Diplodocus skeleton?
ONE: Dippy

The Dippy Dinosaur

This dino has been touring the UK since 2017 (Photo: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

Q: Where can you find Keats’s House?
ONE: Hampstead Heath

Q: What was the name of London Heathrow Airport until it was renamed in 1966?
ONE: London airport

Q: What is the longest-running West End show?
ONE: Miserable

Q: Which famous band sang London Calling?
ONE: The collision

Q: True or False – It is illegal to feed pigeons in Trafalgar Square.
ONE: Right

Q: Which popular Disney character was inspired by an animal at the London Zoo?
ONE: Winnie the Pooh

Q: What is Sherlock Holmes’ address?
ONE: Baker Street 221b

Q: What were the first names of the Kray twins?
ONE: Ronnie and Reggie (or Ronald and Reginald)

Q: What year was Jack the Ripper active?
ONE: 1888

Q: At which train station did Harry Potter board the Hogwarts Express on platform 9¾?
ONE: King’s Cross Station

This provides a great photo opportunity (Image: Getty)

Q: How long was Boris Johnson Mayor of London?
ONE: Eight years (2008 to 2016)

Q: How long is the Thames?
ONE: 346 kilometers or 215 miles

Q: How many languages ​​are spoken in London, to the nearest hundred?
ONE: 300

Q: What is the population of London, to the nearest million?
ONE: Ni mio

Q: What is the name of the test that all black taxi drivers must pass?
ONE: Knowledge

Q: How long does it take black taxi drivers to learn knowledge?
ONE: Three to four years

Q: True or False – Uber is banned in London.
ONE: False

Cab! (Image: Getty)

Q: Where did Margarate Thatcher live when she left Downing Street?
ONE: Dulwich

Q: Where did Charles Darwin live?
ONE: Downe

Q: What is the most expensive location in London according to a standard Monopoly board?
ONE: Mayfair

Q: Where does Wombles Live?
ONE: Wimbledon Common

Q: Where was Adele born and raised?
ONE: Tottenham

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