Revision of Australia’s COVID-19 response as national cabinet meeting today; NSW cases almost double in one day; Scramble for quick tests

PCR tests should not be used for travel, says Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Jane Halton.

Ms Halton told Today that she supported the rollout of rapid tests, such as for trips to Queensland, which are scheduled for January 1st.

“We should keep these tests for the people who need them, the people who are real close contacts, the people who have severe symptoms, and we should basically use things like quick antigen tests for everything else and certainly not for domestic travel, “she said today.

“Rapid antigen testing is very useful. The United Kingdom has been handing out free of charge to its citizens for ages. I think that’s the approach we should take.”

But she said people should not use them unless they need to.

“They should not be used every other day. We do not want to see people hoarding fast antigen tests like toilet paper,” she said.

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