Security breach card bot was the developer’s most problematic nature

FNAF: Security Breach’s executive producer has shared that Map Bot was a problematic add-on for developers that caused more errors than other characters.

The newly released FNAF: Security breach had development issues with one character in particular, with Map Bot being the source of many bugs and frustrations for the game’s studio, Steel Wool. FNAF: Security breach released earlier this month after several delays, finally giving fans of the series the chance to explore the new Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizzaplex packed with Glamrock animatronics.

That Five Nights at Freddy’s series began with more humble roots than Security breach, where the first games in the franchise are more akin to point-and-click resource management titles, where players must survive the night against an attack from haunted animatronics. FNAF: Security breach differs from the tried and tested FNAF formula that replaces static gameplay and jumpscares with first-person exploration, stealth, combat, and survival horror. With new frameworks, new characters and new threats, FNAF: Security breach offers the first AAA Freddys fairy tale.


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According to a Steel Wool Studios developer update, the creation of FNAF: Security breach was a complex one where especially the new Map Bot proved to be a source of stress for the team. Revealed by executive producer Ray McCaffrey, Map Bot caused “more errors than any other character in the game,“tells that when the developers managed to fix a Map Bot error, he would simply break again, which gave a particularly problematic bot. McCaffrey joked:”Despite my constant requests to throw [Map Bot] into a volcano, the team would not let me.

FNAF Security Breach Map Bot

Map Bot is a brand new addition to the ever-growing list of FNAF sign. IN FNAF: Security breach, Map Bot is one of STAFF Bots, employee robots in Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizzaplex. Map Bot will appear throughout Pizzaplex to hand out maps, which often leads to jumpscares, albeit those that do not warn other animatronicians about the presence of users. The bot is one of the many robots that players will find throughout the game, including other STAFF such as Security and Cleaner bots.

FNAF: Security breach Developers may have had Map Bot functional in time for launch, but there are still plenty of issues the game still has. A post-launch patch has already been released which fixes a number of known bugs and crashes. Steel Wool has committed to rolling out several fixes to the latest Freddy‘s, for the purpose of improving performance. Bugs in the game have been a problem for many, which has led to a low Metacritic user score too FNAF: Security breach making it the players’ lowest rated game in the series to date. As seen with Map Bot fixes, it is possible that steel wool will be able to solve several problematic issues with the game, which may help increase its score in players.

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Source: Steel Wool Studios

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