Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker is ‘lively’ and ‘heartbroken’ over Chris Noth’s accusations

Sarah Jessica Parker is said to be “hard” and “crushed” after the allegations of sexual assault against her Sex and the City team player Chris Noth.

The 56-year-old actress is “highly protective” of her iconic character Carrie Bradshaw’s legacy and is reportedly furious that the show’s reputation has been dragged through the mud due to Noth’s claims. US Weekly claims.

“She is fiercely protective of Carrie Bradshaw and angry that she and everyone else on the show have been put in this position,” the insider told the publication.

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Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker is reportedly ‘upset’ after the charges against Noth. (HBO)

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“It’s not about the money, but rather her legacy. Carrie was about helping women, and now, under her watch, women say they have been hurt.”

The source added that Parker “feels there have been two deaths” after Noth’s character Mr. Big died in the premiere episode of the SATC spin-off series And just like that.

It is understood that Parker “had no idea” about the allegations before they were made public and feels responsible for the show’s reputation.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker Seen On The Set Of And Just Like That … (GC Images)

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“She takes power by being Carrie Bradshaw very seriously. With great power comes a great responsibility, and even though the SJP knows this is about him, not her, she feels she has failed everyone,” the source said.

Several women have come forward to charge Noth with sexual assault in the weeks following the SATC reboot.

Four separate women have alleged that Noth assaulted them between 2002 and 2015, claiming that Noth has since been branded as “categorically false” in a statement.

“The accusations against me from people I met many years, even decades ago, are categorically false,” Noth said.

Chris Noth and Tara Wilson
Chris Noth and wife Tara Wilson. (Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)

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“These stories could have been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago – no always means no – it’s a boundary I did not cross.

“The meetings were consensual. It’s hard not to question the timing of these stories coming out. I do not know for sure why they are popping up now, but I know: I did not assault these women.”

Noths co-stars in Sex and the City and restart And just like that – Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis – also jointly expressed their support for his prosecutors in the days following the prosecution.

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