The cruise ship Queen Mary 2 will not return to NY due to concerns about coronavirus

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – A luxury cruise ship departing from Red Hook, Brooklyn, on Dec. 22 with 1,575 passengers on board will not return to New York City after COVID-19 concerns were called up to additional crew.

Queen Mary 2, Cunard Line’s flagship since he succeeded Queen Elizabeth 2 in 2004, remains anchored outside Barbados and is expected to remain there until January 2.

The ship is currently on a 28-night itinerary that originally left Southampton on December 13, 2021, and the extended stay means it will not be able to call at New York on January 3 if it is to maintain arrival back. to Southampton in January. 10.

“This has been our Christmas / New Year’s cruise for the last six years or so,” said passenger Howard Benjamin. “We just love the ship. It has its own soul. It’s elegant, it’s a sea ship, and it’s a beautiful ship.”

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But several days later, the first error – a stop in Tortola – was canceled because the COVID test results were not ready. Then a stop at St. Kitts also scratched.

Passengers were finally allowed to land in Barbados, but when they returned to the ship, news came from the captain.

“Unfortunately, we are stuck out here in Barbados waiting to get back to New York,” said passenger Selma al-Hamdy. “We will not sail back to New York. They will find a way to send us back, but how, we are not sure at this time.”

It’s just the latest disruption when it comes to cruises and COVID, where the CDC is now investigating or observing 86 cruise ships with reported cases.

And while Benjamin says he and his wife enjoy the ship and its unlimited food and drink, they want to know how and when they get home.

“I do not feel we are prisoners,” he said. “This is really only our second day sitting here in the beautiful weather and looking at Barbados. But I think in a day or two it will be a little disturbing that here we are, we are moving does not.”

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All guests will be able to stay aboard for New Year’s Eve, and flight arrangements from Barbados will be made for guests due to landing in New York.

Passengers will be given a 125% future cruise credit of money paid on their reservation pro rata for all days sailing from 22 December, or a 100% refund on the same pro rata basis.

The CDC is investigating Queen Mary 2, which means that they have reported COVID cases in more than 0.10% of passengers, or that a single crew member has tested positive in the previous seven days.

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