The ITV Chase question about a ‘word used in Birmingham’ got the city viewers to the same opinion

A question about ‘a word in Birmingham’ on ITV’s The Chase has led viewers from the West Midlands to the same conclusion.

TV host Bradley Walsh asked contestant Mandy during the show: “In Birmingham, something is described as ‘bostin’ what?”

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Despite getting the answer right that it means “superb”, the quiz question sparked debate on social media.

Twitter users discussed whether it is something with Birmingham or Black Country?

TV host Bradley Walsh asked: “In Birmingham, something is described as ‘bostin’ what?

Even Yardley MP Jess Phillips got involved in the discussion, tweeting, “Hmmm … I think it’s mostly black country, but for the last 20 years it’s been co-opted by the Brummies. It was not something my grandparents did. said, and they were all just one born and broke Brummies. “

While another user wrote: “Pretty sure it’s Black Country, but I hope the debate on ‘where is the border between Black Country and Birmingham’ starts soon too.”

Another user wrote: “It’s 100% a black country thing”, while another user wrote: “Just screamed” It’s in the black country! “On the TV.

Another Twitter user added: “Black country I would say. It’s not a term I or my friends from Brum have ever used. Also funny enough, ‘excellent’ is a word I’ve noticed being used. more often in Birmingham than anywhere else I have lived. “

Chaser Paul Sinha got the question right and joked that he spent a lot of time in Birmingham.

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