The ‘Psycho’ squirrel leaves 18 people wounded in a 48-hour riot

A ‘psycho’ squirrel caused terror in a village in northern Wales, leaving 18 of its inhabitants wounded.

The reign of the squirrel has now come to an end after a villager managed to capture the evil rodent.

The gray squirrel attacked and bit pensioners and children in the village of Buckley in Flintshire and launched itself against the locals as they went to take their rubbish bins out or left their houses.

Some said they were even chased down the street by the junk animal.

Villagers who gave the squirrel the nickname ‘Stripe’ after the evil character in the Gremlins movie took to social media to warn others to stay out of the way.

“Warning, vicious squirrel attacking,” a resident wrote on Facebook.

“Bitten me, attacked my friend … and several other people.

“It has also attacked my two Bengals, who fear nothing, and my neighbors’ Bengali cats.

“Dare not go out of my house as it is lurking …”

A resident injured after being attacked by rogue squirrel Stripe

Another woman posted a picture of her bloody hand and said, “This squirrel is not very nice at all, it just got me when I collected my recycled bags.

“Let’s just say it had me well and properly, little s ***.”

The squirrel’s 48-hour rampage was finally brought to an end on Monday, December 27, when it was caught in a humane trap by a brave resident.

Locally known as the ‘bird lady’, Corrine Reynolds, who works as a home carer, had been feeding the animal since the summer.

Corrine became friends with the squirrel before turning to her

The 65-year-old grandmother had become friends with the creature, but she decided that something had to be done about his aggression after she herself was bitten in the hand.

“I was only bitten once, but he had suddenly taken to seeing me and literally laying it down in the garden up by my leg and on my shoulder,” she explained.

“To be honest, he gave me cause for concern about his unusual behavior.

“Then I saw all the Facebook posts and realized it was actually dangerous.”

She added: “I know there are different attitudes to me catching it, but when you can not go out into your backyard for fear of being attacked, it is not good.

“I have an elderly resident on blood-thinning drugs and a two-year-old grandson who also plays in the garden, so I could not risk harm to any of them.”

She caught Stripe and took him to the vets to be put to sleep

Corinne asked vets to put the squirrel Stripe to sleep as it is illegal to expose gray squirrels back into the wild, and launched a fundraising appeal to pay for the £ 110 fee.

“For me, wanting to put an animal to sleep was a step that was not taken lightly,” she said.

“But I do not expose my grandson to being bitten by a squirrel that just throws itself out for an attack.”

The RSPCA later stepped in to take on the annoying creature, but veterinarians at the animal charity decided to kill Stripe after an investigation.

Corinne said it was a sad ending, but she suspects he had an underlying condition.

“I told the RSPCA guy that I was wondering if he might have a disease, maybe a tumor, or growth because his behavior over the last week was worrying.”

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