The South Manchester store that gives you a taste of the world

Do you want Fanta with grape flavor? Or maybe you want to taste honey still on the comb?

Then this store may be what you have been looking for.

Chorlton Food Stores are located on Manchester Road and feature snacks, food and beverages from around the world.

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The shop attracts you with the sweet aromas of bread baking and keeps you interested through the aisles of exciting ingredients.

When I stood by the boxes, the first thing I was shown was the selection of handmade delicacies on display.

Turkish Baklava, so popular that it was almost sold out. Kurdish Kulichai – cakes filled with walnuts, coconuts and dates and Iranian sweets, all to mix and match and take home to enjoy.

Homemade Turkish baklava and Kurdish Kulichai were almost sold out
Homemade Turkish baklava and Kurdish Kulichai were almost sold out

An assistant explained that the store was not just of one nationality or one area, but an entire world store.

She said, “I’m considering [the shop] to be international, possibly the Mediterranean, but we also stock from all over Europe, too. “

To prove her point, she showed me the wall of spices and added, “Any spice you can think of from all over the world!”

She pointed out their selection of nuts and told me that her favorites were from Turkey.

However, Chorlton Food Stores has gone a step further in its mission to sell nuts to everyone and has them available in a dispenser, charged by weight.

I asked her to show me her other favorites around the store, food not found everywhere, and I was introduced to Halawa from Turkey, Iran and Lebanon, a “candy candy” breakfast food that is apparently delicious with a cup of tea.

Nuts from around the world
Nuts from around the world

The store also sells honey, still on the comb, my store guide’s true favorite.

She explained how to best enjoy it with Kaymak, a colostrum product that is not unlike clotted cream, which the store also sells.

She laughed as she walked around the store, saying, “If you come to our store, you will not leave empty-handed. You have to buy something. “

Chorlton Food Stores also has a selection of sweet treats in all flavors and colors, from American drinks to saffron-infused stone candies.

Werther’s Original, but in six different flavors, Haribos and Mr. Vegan so also in stock.

Pop drinks in a wide variety of flavors
Pop drinks in a wide variety of flavors

“We have the U.S. branch, we want to expand it. It’s all sweet and very sour. ”

The Drinks fridge has some classic pop drinks, but not as I have known them. Fanta orange, it is definitely a classic taste, but more exciting are elderflower and lemon and peach fantasies.

As you pass out of the hallways, having visited Poland, Greece, Turkey, Iran and many more countries, a butcher is in the process of carving pieces of meat.

Eventually, I am led to the store’s bakery, where the store assistant tells me, “The most amazing thing is our freshly baked bread.”

The smell of fresh bread has flourished throughout my visit, and I am presented with some freshly baked Kurdish Iranian bread with a little oil, sea salt and sesame seeds, still warm and really delicious.


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