Vancouver’s snow matches summarized in memes (PHOTO)

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How do you like the snow in Vancouver? Since we had a white Christmas, and freezing temperatures have persisted, the Vancouverites have been able to experience a long stretch of cold and snowy weather – and let’s be honest, we are not used to this. actual winter weather on the coast.

We created a handful of memes, from the heart, which we think sum up the typical Vancouver reactions to the snow.

Enjoy this collection of Daily Hive Staff created memes that perfectly encapsulate our region’s mood when it snows:

vancouver meme

sne meme

Quick question: is Vancouver obsessed with feeding hummingbirds?

If it’s good enough for JLo, you know it’s good enough for literally every Aritzia-loving Vancouverite.


Alcohol consumption in the province has been at its highest ever since the pandemic started, and since there is no place to go … let it snow!

vancouver meme

I do not even want to know what the wind cooling is, thank you.

vancouver meme

winter meme

Vancouver itself

Be honest, most Vancouverites do not even have what Canadians out in the East would call a “real winter coat.”

vancouver meme

I have not seen a cyclist in a week, but okay, clear the bike paths first.

Vancouver weather

How long is too long to wait in the cold for brunch? The border does not exist for Vancouverites.

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