Video: Last man leaves Hawaii city after lava flow gets too close

The town in the southeastern part of the island once had 200 inhabitants, and the last man, Jack Thompson, who built his house in 1983, finally left home on March 2 just before the lava flow finally destroyed the house last weekend.

“It’s like a funeral. You know there are trees here that I have grafted and that everyone produced. It does not look like any of them will survive. This is just going to be a big piece of rock. Incredible.” said Thompson.

Jack Thompson – Image: ITN / YouTube

Thompson operated the house as a bed and breakfast until the road was destroyed by lava. He has maintained his last stand over the past three years by collecting supplies from the nearest shops 3 miles walk over solidified volcanic rock.

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The city has been gradually taken over by activity from the volcano over the last 26 years, when the first house in the community was destroyed in 1983.

Main images: Kilauea Volcano’s Eruptions in 2004 (Getty)

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