Virginia’s Supreme Court approves new lines for key swing districts

The Supreme Court of Virginia on Tuesday approved a final version of the state redistribution card.

In a Press release, the court announced that it had “unanimously approved maps establishing congressional and state legislative districts.”

The court order added it the cards, which are drawn once per. decade after the census results are completed, was “approved and adopted and enters into force immediately.”

“The final redistribution cards drawn up by the Special Masters are fully in accordance with constitutional and statutory laws applied, as directed by the Court, in an apolitical and impartial manner,” the order states.

The cards were drawn up by two “special masters”, representatives nominated from each party, as well as after “extensive public comment,” the order added.

The Supreme Court was given the task of approving the cards after a two-part redistribution commission could not agree on new cards for Congress or the General Assembly, Virginian pilots reported.

Dave Wasserman, analyst with the non-partisan Cook Political Report, tweeted that the card was “completely different from the Special Champions’s first proposal.”

Wasserman said that Rep. Abigail SpanbergerAbigail Davis SpanbergerBiden shakes setbacks Democrats face tough choices Pelosi faces setbacks in defense of stock trading. (D) is in a more “weak” district, while Rep. Jennifer WextonJennifer Lynn Wexton Proposed Virginia cards endanger House Democrats with rising stars (D) is in a “safe” and Rep. Elaine LuriaElaine Goodman Luria Proposed Virginia cards endanger rising House Democrats. Abortion rights group supporting 12 House Democrats in line with House GOP leadership targets nine Democrats for using vote MORE (D) is “still very vulnerable.”

Virginia is expected to be a controversial battlefield state in next year’s struggle for a majority of Representatives.


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