We found the worst parking anywhere in Birmingham in 2021

It’s every driver’s lane. You come home after a hard day at work and everything you feel like parking outside your home and going inside.

An increase in vehicle ownership combined with properties without driveways is a parking lot as rare as chicken teeth in some parts of Brum.

As a result, desperate drivers use double parking, squeeze into spaces with their boot sticking out or just sticking it out in roundabouts, double yellow colors, and so on.

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We have listed some of the worst examples of poor parking we could find in 2021:

Police are listing ‘best of the worst’ parking

A white VW Golf parked at an intersection

Police beat 13 cars with tickets after they were left in ‘dangerous positions’.

Officers from the Soho Road team embarrassed four of the motorists on Twitter, albeit with blurred license plates.

Pictured is a red vehicle parked at the intersection of Woodland Road and Holyhead Road.

Another showed a dark BMW protruding into the road while the car was sitting where two streets meet. Click here to read more about this story.

Rogue’s gallery as fines handed out

The Sparkbrook Impact Team issued parking fines to a load of vehicles that had blocked the sidewalk in the area.

Last month, the team tweeted: “Vehicles parked like these force people to walk on the road and put them in danger.”

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A series of bad parking pictures taken from all over the city

Bold driver parks above bus stop in Great Barr near Fortis Academy

Cars are pictured parked on curbs or even across entire stretches of sidewalk – a particular problem for pedestrians with disabilities and visual impairments – were caught in the summer.

A picture showed a car parked next to a sign that reads “no motor vehicle parking on the curb or footpath”, while a van – completely blocking the sidewalk – has the message “Improving the lives of people with visual impairments” written on sig.

To see the pictures, click here.

New mother forced out on the road

The truck parked carelessly at the intersection of Doris Road and Showell Green Lane in Sparkhill

When Shabnum Shah decided to go for a walk with her newborn, she found cars blocking sidewalks around Sparkhill.

She said: “There was literally nowhere for me to go in front and I could not even push myself through with my pram.

“With other cars colliding, it’s hard to move with a stroller.

“Other mothers are putting their prams out on the sidewalk, and it’s going to be so dangerous for them to walk past.”

Read more about her story by clicking here

Shocking parking near Midlands Hospital

Parking at Byron Street, in Dudley, near Russells Hall Hospital
Parking at Byron Street, in Dudley, near Russells Hall Hospital

Locals near Russells Hall Hospital are at the “end of their tethering” over ruthless parking by visitors and staff, we reported in November.

“Neighbors living on Byron Street, Tennyson Street and Milton Street say they’ve had enough of the problems caused by the parking lot.”

Read more about their problems by clicking here.


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