10 of the strangest experiments of 2021

Every year, scientists do some really confusing experiments, and 2021 was no exception. From cultivating mini-brains with your own eyes in petri dishes to reviving 24,000-year-old self-replicating zombies from the Siberian permafrost, here are the year’s most bizarre scientific experiments.

Growing miniature human brains with their own eyes

Scientists cultivated brain organs with optical cups. (Image credit: Any Gabriel)

In August, a group of scientists made news that was equally fascinating and terrifying when they announced that they had successfully cultivated a small human brain in the laboratory with their own eyes. They made the Cronenberg-like mini-brain, called an organoid, by transforming stem cells into neural tissue and then stimulating the cells with chemical signals to form small rudimentary “optical cups” filled with light-sensitive cells.

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