A giant spacecraft with a length of several kilometers will be created in orbit

Everyone is watching The Middle KingdomThey know full well that they resemble the United States at the beginning of the last century when it reigned there Paranoia everywhere. The Chinese government dreams of creating the greatest thing in the world. This time, the wallpaper has the largest spaceship in history for thousands of people.

Currently, China is building a large Chinese space station, but they are already dreaming of something much bigger than that. Something futuristic that looks like vehicles we know from science fiction movies. It is located around giant spaceshipThanks to this, astronauts (astronauts) can start their journeys around the solar system and the government can make their country a world The nation among the planets.

Such plans were presented in August this year by the Scientific Foundation of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. This organization has achieved many successes and implemented revolutionary projects that changed China’s face towards it in many areas of life. Superpower more powerful. You might think this great project will come true.

The concept presented and already approved for financing presupposes construction 1.5 km long spacecraft up to several kilometers. It will be created in orbit from thousands of interconnected units that will be delivered to it from Earth or built directly into space. As you have probably guessed, it will at least be built in special factories Huge 3D printers.

Now we experience that the construction of the ship can start after 2030. Of course it lasts for many years, but you have to start somewhere. The construction must be made possible by strong Lang 9 March. missile. It will be used in 2030, then it will be possible to start launching the first modules of the giant spacecraft into orbit. It is already being worked on. China confirmed this in early December.

Experts believe that if Elon Musk He wanted to build such a giant ship with his own SpaceshipRegardless of the cost, it can already be built in 10 years. In the case of China, it may be 15 years, but when we consider the raw materials that are extracted, for example on the moon or asteroids.

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