AMD CEO Lisa Su says 2023 will be the ‘high year’ for next-generation consoles

AMD’s CEO Dr. Lisa Su has made some fresh comments about the state of the market in terms of delivering the next generation of consoles, even with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles still almost impossible to buy … or super expensive from their limited supply.

AMD CEO Lisa Su says 2023 will be 'high year' for next generation consoles 07 |

In AMD’s recent financial earnings call with investors, Dr. Su asked an obvious question: about the current supply problems and the seasonal condition of them. In response, Dr. Su that AMD is increasing the production of the semi-custom chips for next-generation consoles during 2022, and she expects it to be another strong year for both Sony and Microsoft.

AMD’s CEO said that 2023 will be the “peak year” for Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation consoles, said Dr. Lisa Su: “Well, I think – first of all, I think the console industry, this console cycle and all that, when you look at it as a whole, has been fantastic. I mean, if you think about the strength of the cycle, now we’re kind of deep into the second year and the fact that demand is so high. I mean, we’ve shipped a lot of products“.

So the fact that demand is still high says something about just the product capacity that has been captured by both Microsoft and Sony in this console cycle. We continue to increase production. We expect 2022 to be another strong growth year for consoles. If you look at the typical console cycle, the peak year is actually the fourth year typically. And so you would expect that 2023 might be the top year“.

But the overall point is, look, it’s a great platform. We love the fact that we have so many users using AMD technology on the console platform and we will continue to increase the offering. And from a seasonal standpoint, yes, you’re right. Seasonality becomes more subdued in this environment until we come to a kind of more normalized environment“.


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