AMD Readies Radeon Super Resolution ‘RSR’ technology, could be activated in games through drivers

AMD is reportedly working on a new resolution scaling technology known as Radeon Super Resolution or RSR, reports Videocardz.

AMD Radeon Super Resolution ‘RSR’ technology on the go, can be activated in almost any game through drivers

From what information has been released, it appears that AMD’s Radeon Super Resolution ‘RSR’ technology is the red team’s response to NVIDIA’s Image Scaling solution, which was introduced a few months back. The technology will be based on the FSR 1.0 algorithm and is said to work with almost any game without additional developer support.

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With DLSS and FSR, technology must be part of the game engine’s pipeline to function in the game. NVIDIA Image Scaling overcomes this limitation and enables scaling support in almost all titles through driver-level support. Similarly, AMD’s Radeon Super Resolution will also be enabled through the Radeon Software driver package.

AMD Radeon Super Resolution technology will enable in-game image scaling support through Radeon drivers. (Image credit: Videocardz)

The only catch is that the AMD Radeon Super Resolution would only work with games that support exclusive full screen mode, though that is not a big deal as most titles do these days. Other than that, there may be some issues with scaling the game’s user interface, as is the case with driver – level support.

AMD Radeon Super Resolution ‘RSR’ technology will work with both RDNA 1 and RDNA 2 GPU architectures, although no support for NVIDIA or Intel GPUs is mentioned. NVIDIA’s Image Scaling technology, on the other hand, can be used with both AMD or Intel GPUs through lossless scaling, and it can give them the advantage, although GPU support still needs to be seen. The technology is said to be introduced soon, and we’ll probably hear about it soon on AMD’s CES 2022 virtual keynote, which is next week.

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