Apex Legends game-changing ability “utilization” found for controller

Apex Legends players have found a simple way to cancel their ability animations to cut down on their cast time, which some call an ‘exploitation’.

Triggering a Legend’s ability in Apex brings up a short downtime to activate the movement. Whether it’s the Bloodhounds scan or the Wraith as she leaves the void, a tactic leaves players locked in animation for about a second or two.

That said, people can avert that punishment by using a controller with a quick keystroke, giving them a faster opportunity to respond to the battlefield once they use an ability.

Apex Legends ability animation cancels

Apex legends r99

To cancel ability animations in Apex Legends, tap your Ultimate Ability moments after using your tactical.

The user ‘RossBobSquirrel’ showed how easy it is to reproduce the technology with each Legend on the controller, but your mileage may vary with special cases like Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook. In these cases, the trick cancels the ability to be used before the move can actually take effect.

But for characters like Gibraltar and Horizon, this trick allows you to get out of your ability to ADS (aim down at the sights) much faster.

Even infamous animations like Wraith’s Into the Void ability that leaves her hands with nothing to do after leaving the rift can benefit from the trick.

Animation cancellation technology can prove to be very useful for Apex players, where some people are already wondering if it is considered fair play: “does this count as exploitation?”

The differences between PC and console environments tend to give mouse and keyboard users more options to use, but shortcuts like this could let controller players add more tricks to their toolbox.

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