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This is Pt. 4 in a series. Listen to more “Best Of 2021” playlists here.

If you have followed best of #ottmusic weekly series, you’re probably still recovering from Wednesday night Bangers playlist. To soften up, we present today Ottawa Chill mix for 2021. We have collected the coolest hits from a year of listening to the latest local releases.

Ottawa Chill

Let’s relax and feel the zen, we all need more peace and serenity in the coming new year. Enjoy these soothing lanes for a perfectly relaxing time.


Enjoy the mix! These are not rankings.

  1. “Ghost” by Harea Band [Bandcamp]
  2. “Sussex Drive” by Lonely Boy [Soundcloud]
  3. “Dream Dance” by Space_aux [Soundcloud]
  4. “Summer We Had” by One Pear [Apple Music]
  5. “Summer Will Not Be” by De Flore [Website]
  6. “Shakes” by Country Club Pool Boy feat. Almyr Jules & Tonami [Bandcamp]
  7. “Lift Your Veils” by Marie-Clo [Bandcamp]
  8. “Boed At Home” by his! [Apple Music]
  9. “Stars Align” by Gold Bonds [Bandcamp]
  10. “Water Court” by Nick Schofield [Bandcamp]
  11. “Arctic” by Caspian Khw [Bandcamp]
  12. “We Were Birds (Instrumental)” by Zhilna [Bandcamp]
  13. “Old” by RyanGreenBlue [Bandcamp]
  14. “City Sunlight” by Silent Era Cinema feat. Trice [Bandcamp]
  15. “out 4 a respite” by father sport [Bandcamp]
  16. “All My Dreams About You” by Alexis Neon [Bandcamp]
  17. “before you & I” by summersets [Bandcamp]
  18. “Memoriam” by Musk Ox [Bandcamp]
  19. “Highway Reflections” by Zoo Legacy [Bandcamp]
  20. “They Tryna Mess With Me” by Queen Suupa [Apple Music]

After 20 tracks, our playlist continues with best of #ottmusic weekly 2020 election from last year.

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