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Omicron has thrown endless curveballs at companies, many of which have become confused about the rapidly changing rules of COVID. Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday announced major changes to the COVID rules, getting rid of random contacts and refining the definition of close contact to just anyone in the same household for more than four hours in an enclosed space. The business owner of Public Bar and Edgar’s Inn Frank Condi said these endless rule changes had caused a lot of confusion. “There does not seem to be any information that comes out so quickly and so clearly. When it comes to testing, it has not been that good either. The staff has been out of service for days and they have simply been waiting for the test results back. , “Mr. Condi said. “During this Christmas and New Year period, we have had to close the public due to the isolation of staff and management, and for Edgar’s Inn we have decided to close it for a few days solely from a risk management position.” This has been a difficult time for everyone, so we just want the staff to reset and give them a break. “The ACT on Thursday recorded the highest number of cases since the start of the pandemic of 253. Six people were in hospital, with no one on intensive care, which brings the active number to 1134. While the recent changes to the rules will make it easier for staff, Mr Condi said customers had still been nervous about the increase in the number of cases. “Many people are still quite hesitant. We still have a large number coming out, which is great, but it’s still not the same, “Mr Condi said.” This should be a time to try to contain some of the losses we have suffered of the last two years. but it just seems to be an ongoing process that we have had to move the business and change our expectations. “It’s definitely a lot harder than anyone thinks it can be. It’s really, really hard at this time of year.” READ MORE: Caribou Bar owner Leeroy Petersen said the lack of clarity about COVID had been frustrating during the summer period. “Nobody knows what’s going on. It’s changing so fast,” Peterson said. “We get the ACT government that wants us to make our tests mandatory by covid and have our policies lying there in folders, but then it changes every day so we have to sit there and make our compliance folders about each second day. “That’s kind. it’s hard to fully understand what’s going on, but that’s what it is. I think we’ve been through it before. I just think this time will be harder for many more people because it’s heading into January. “Petersen said that while the ever-changing rules were frustrating, his business attracted a lot of local customers, which was to his advantage during this week. “The week before Christmas we noticed that many large group bookings drag out to staff Christmas parties hosted by companies,” Mr Peterson said. “However, we still had the majority of our local regulars and their groups and families coming in, which has been nice. “It’s good to see people are trusting that their local communities are going to support our business, and hopefully it continues to stay strong for us.” Our journalists work hard to deliver local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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