City’s incredible Premier League statistics for 2021/22 so far

Manchester City have had a hugely impressive first half of the Premier League campaign 2021/22.

Men’s team

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With 20 games of the season already gone, Pep Guardiola’s men sit eight points ahead at the top of the table as the new year approaches.

Our last league defeat came two months ago and we have already claimed statement wins away to Chelsea and Manchester United as well as a deserved draw against Liverpool.


There is still a long way to go again, but it is a matter of ‘so far, so good’ in our defense of the Premier League crown, with some incredible statistics in tow to support this claim.

Below you can find some of the numbers behind our success so far this season and how we also compare ourselves to our closest rivals.

Strong start

City have picked up maximum points in 16 of our 20 Premier League matches so far this season, which equates to a phenomenal 80% win percentage.

Our closest rivals in this category are Liverpool, who have won 63% of their 19 league games in 2021/22.

Guardiola’s men have claimed 50 Premier League points out of 60 possible on offer during the first five months of the promotion and boast a record of 100% in both November and December.

Only in our 2017/18 Centurions campaign have we had a better record after 20 matches, and only three other teams in Premier League history have earned more than our 50 points collection at this point in the season (Chelsea in 2005/06 and Liverpool in both 2018/19 and 2019/20).

Measurement share

So far, 16 different members of Pep Guardiola’s squad have found the net in the Premier League this season.

Only Chelsea can match that record, while West Ham and Liverpool can boast 14 different goal scorers since the season’s opening day.

Of the outfielders who have made at least five appearances for the club in the Premier League during this period, only Oleksandr Zinchenko and Kyle Walker have yet to find the net.

It’s a phenomenal statistic that once again shows the importance of the collective to City’s success.

Takes the lead

Seeing results from winning positions is crucial for any title-challenging team, and City have demonstrated this on a ruthlessly consistent basis throughout 2021/22.

Guardiola’s men have taken the lead on 16 occasions so far this season, and unbelievably, they have won all 16 matches and have collected all 48 available points.

Only Norwich City have been able to match the feat in the Premier League and claim victory in both of the matches in which they have taken the lead, while only Chelsea (17) and Liverpool (16) can improve or match the number of times we have taken the lead this season.

However, both are unable to emulate our 100% record, with Chelsea continuing to play four draws and losing a match from a winning position, while Liverpool have ultimately surrendered their lead on four occasions, including in our 2-2 draw at Anfield in October. .


Perfect 10

The away win over Brentford on Wednesday night represented City’s tenth in a row, the best victory race in the Premier League so far this season.

Only 16 teams have previously reached the milestone since 1992, while this is the fourth time we have achieved ten in a row under the leadership of Pep Guardiola.

Apart from the Catalan, no other manager in Premier League history has had more than two separate wins of 10+ wins.

Average possession

City also lead when it comes to possession statistics of the first 20 matches of the current Premier League campaign.

Guardiola’s men have had 67.4% possession in our 20 matches in 2021/22, with Liverpool being the only other side with more than 60% on average (63.04).

It has been a similar story on an individual basis, with an astonishing four of the top five players in the Premier League with the highest passing numbers who have traded for City.

Joao Cancelos’ total of 1,605 passes is better than any other player in the English top class this season, and he is joined by teammates Ruben Dias (1,470), Aymeric Laporte (1,356) and Rodrigo (1,320) in the top five.

Only Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger (1,327) breaks our stranglehold, but Bernardo Silva’s move to 1,085 also sees him comfortably in the top 20.

It’s a similar story in terms of touches, where Cancelo again led with 2,075 – over 400 more than his closest rival in Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold – while Dias (1,624), Rodrigo (1,497) and Laporte (1,478) also all with in the top six.

Defensive record

While City’s lavish attacking play has rightly garnered praise so far this season, our defensive record has been just as impressive.

Guardiola’s men can boast of the worst defense in the Premier League in 2021/2022, having only conceded 12 times in 20 matches so far.

We have also kept most of the English top-class clean sheets heading into 2022, with Zack Steffen’s performance in our 2-0 win over Burnley adding Ederson’s personal 11-point mark.

The Brazilian, who has achieved the most shut outs in each of the last two Premier League seasons, is on track to retain his Golden Glove title again with his closest rivals in the form of Liverpool’s Alisson and Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale (both the 9th clean sheets).


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