Couples who ordered the DFS sofa half a year ago are still waiting for it to be delivered

A frustrated couple who ordered a DFS sofa six months ago said they are still waiting for it to be delivered.

David and Bronwen Jones ordered two navy blue two-piece sofas and a stool in July 2021, which were to arrive within 16 weeks. Nearly six months later, however, the couple said it still needed to be delivered.

Hoping that their £ 2,700 suite would be with them in October and in good time for Christmas, the sleepless couple from Blackwood were left uncomfortable instead. After releasing their old sofa in October, the couple, who are in their 60s, have used sun loungers in their living room as a replacement.

David said the sun loungers were only comfortable for a short period of time

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David said: “We’ve been sitting on sunbeds and we’ve spent most of our time lying on the bed upstairs watching TV because it’s uncomfortable. You can only sit on those chairs for that long. It’s not like a sofa At our age.”

David said that when he ordered the sofa set, he and his wife were under the impression that it would arrive before the Christmas period and paid £ 1000 in deposit in advance.

“We ordered a sofa on July 10. We were told it would be 16 weeks, there was no sign of it, so I called them to make sure we had it before Christmas. They said that we wanted it before Christmas.

“As Christmas approached, there was no sign of it and I had an email saying it would be in port between December 21 and 24. They said it would arrive on January 17. “

With the new expected delivery date, David said he asked DFS about the possibility of a temporary sofa they could borrow while they waited. Although he was happy that the company agreed to send one out before Christmas, he said the couch also went AWOL.

David said he has no idea when his couch will finally come

He said: “They came back to me a day or two later and said they had a two-seater sofa they could borrow that would arrive soon. We had a text message saying it would arrive on the 22nd. December.

“I got another text the same day saying it would arrive between 7.55 and 10.55 and it could be traced. I put the tracker on to say where it was and it said I was delivery number four, and it was at delivery 11 so I do not know why it passed 4. Then it went to 12, 13, 14 so I called them and they said they did not know what was wrong so they would contact the warehouse , and they would call me. “

David said he did not hear from the warehouse and called back to DFS. He said he was told the problem would be passed on to caseworkers and that he should hear from them within 72 hours.

“I called them on Sunday and they said it would take up to 72 hours before you hear anything, which would be Monday. I called them Monday to say I had not heard anything.”

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David said he and his wife had no idea if or when one of the couches would show up. But after WalesOnline contacted DFS on Wednesday 29 December, a temporary sofa was provided.

A revised delivery date for the new sofa has been agreed, a spokesman adds.

He said: “We expected them for Christmas, you do not expect to wait for it over five months later. I know there are problems with the shortage of truck drivers, but they do not tell us what is happening. Unless I call, I hear nothing.

“Luckily my daughter knew we did not have a sofa, so she invited us down there with the in-laws and my first grandchild. We usually have some family showing up through the Christmas period, but since we did not have the sofa, there was no point , so we handed over some gifts instead. “

David Jones and his wife, Bronwen, have had to use sunbeds in their living room while waiting for their sofa to be delivered

David said things had gotten worse as his wife was suffering from arthritis and must be feeling well. He also said it was frustrating to be free from work over Christmas without being able to sit comfortably at home.

He said: “My wife works from home but was free during this period and we can only stay on the sunbeds for that long. We spent most of our time upstairs.

“I have time off from work until January 4. I was really looking forward to being home and relaxing in our new sofa. We’re just so annoyed that they do not come back to us. I have lost count of the number many times I have called them.

“I’m tired of it all being on the phone and not getting anywhere. I’m really sorry I’ve had it up to here.”

A DFS spokeswoman said: “We would like to reiterate our sincere apologies to Mr Jones – we understand the frustration and disappointment that a delayed delivery may cause.

“Like many companies, we deal with unprecedented challenges in the global supply chain, and unfortunately these disruptions affect delivery times. We regret that Mr Jones’ order was one of those affected – the revised delivery date in January has now been confirmed with customer.

“We agreed to supply loan furniture to Mr Jones, but unfortunately on this occasion, due to a system error, this furniture was unfortunately misallocated. We work hard to give our customers both a product they love and a positive experience, and we apologize for any occasion where this is not the case.

“We have since worked closely with Mr Jones to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency – we have allocated new loan furniture, which was delivered to Mr Jones’ property earlier this morning (December 30), to the customer’s satisfaction. We have also arranged for a store manager to call Mr Jones to discuss his concerns and a further gesture of goodwill.

“We appreciate Mr Jones’ patience during this challenging time and apologize for the inconvenience – we look forward to delivering his order as soon as possible in January.”

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