COVID-19: Police appeal for information after dozens of anti-waxers protest at test site | UK News

The police have appealed to information after an anti-vaccine demonstration took place on a Covid test center in Milton Keynes.

Footage from the protest showed a woman showing up to pick up medical equipment and papers from the scene and then dump them in a nearby trash can.

Another protester allegedly overturned a sign and another man apparently threw a pair of traffic cones.

Dozens of people were seen in the video, including some holding anti-vaccine posters and shouting anti-vaccine slogans.

Police said that “where criminal acts have been uncovered, we will act quickly and bring the offenders to justice”.

Tory MP for Milton Keynes’ North Ben Everitt said of the protest on Twitter: “What a bunch of idiots.”

“No one deserves this at work,” he said, praising staff and volunteers who “do a great job.”

He added that he hoped the police got the evidence they needed to “bring these idiots to justice”.

Among those speaking to the crowd at the demonstration was Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

One person, Dominic Dyer, said they were unable to get a PCR test today because of the protest, tweeting that Piers Corbyn and “his anti-vaxxers rabble” had gone to the place to “threaten staff and destroy equipment “.

Boris Johnson on Wednesday visited a place where he handed over jabs in the city, where the Prime Minister said that 90% of them on intensive COVID had not received their booster vaccine.

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ICU patients ‘overwhelmingly’ not boosted

Thames Valley Police said in a statement: “Thames Valley Police are aware of an anti-vaccination protest that took place in central Milton Keynes this afternoon.

“Where criminal acts have been uncovered, we will act swiftly and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“If anyone has information or wants to report, they can do so by calling 101 or quoting reference 604 29/12/2021 online.”

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