COVID Omicron New York City Update: Restaurants Experience Rising New Year’s Eve Cancellations As COVID Cases Rise

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – Going out to eat on New Year’s Eve is a tradition for many, but as COVID cases skyrocket in NYC, restaurants are experiencing a lot of cancellations for the big night.

You could hear a needle drop on West 46th Street on Wednesday, with audiences ringing into the New Year up the block in Times Square in about 48 hours.

Many in the restaurant industry fear that this is the starter for what will no doubt be an equally thin main course on Friday night.

“Now, unfortunately, it has become, if not the worst times, we become a really really sad time,” said industry consultant Steve Zagor.

Right now, countless eateries, bars and event venues face an avalanche of cancellations.

There are customers who are ill or have been exposed to COVID, and others who are simply not willing to take the risk.

At Harvest Kitchen on the Upper West Side, it was busy in the middle of the day, but so far they have had 50 reservations canceled for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

“We just want to play it by ear, I think in a few days I have not heard any cancellations, so that’s good news,” said GM Igor Segota.

At The Skylark, with its breathtaking views of Midtown and the iconic crystal ball, they have this month made a third of what they would normally bring in.

The team is still committed to making New Year’s Eve safe and comfortable in the indoor / outdoor space by reducing capacity to 75% and encouraging guests to give a negative COVID test.

There’s a lot of the line.

“January and February for restaurants and bars in the city are very slow when we look at the calendar, December is like our bread and butter, across the board, it is our bread and butter where we are able to make money that will help us float in the next two months, “said Skylark GM Anthony Simone.

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