Curvy model takes Tube in bare underwear to prove that ‘all bodies are sexy’

A lively, curvy model hopes to prove that ‘all bodies are sexy’ by dancing through the streets in only her underwear – even taking the Tube in bright orange panties.

Imogen Ivy had always felt comfortable in his own skin after growing up in a nudist household, but recently decided to take it further by stepping out into the public eye in his pants.

The 24-year-old has since posted several clips of himself in a lace red body, black leather effect string and even period lingerie on TikTok to his adoring fans.

In one clip, Imogen turns the commuters’ heads in a pipe wagon by wearing only her panties, while another shows her shaking her hips down a residential road.

Imogen, who now has more than 7,300 followers on Instagram, claims that she hopes to use ‘p * ssy energy’ to empower other women – joking nonchalant Londoners blink an eye when she tumbles around in her little ones .

Model Imogen Ivy, 24, runs the London tube in her underwear
Model Imogen Ivy, 24, runs the London tube in her underwear

Imogen from central London said: “The world is so serious and I’m just having a little fun. It makes me happy.

“I’m a very confident person. For me, I do not see anything to it – I do not see it as body positive because I am actually body neutral.

“I wear underwear on the street to emphasize that all bodies are sexy and that no one literally cares. I think people need to be reminded that no one actually cares.

“Women need to see that kind of content, that kind of confidence. If they see it, they might think ‘well, if she can, then maybe I can wear that lingerie under my clothes.’

“London is a lot of fun because people do not see – they just keep going. People are not fascinated by it.

“I’m about empowering people. This is my well-being and I dance because it makes me feel better.”

The daring influencer first started dancing online when she was a size 22 and claims she was motivated as she believes that larger women are often underrepresented in the media and popular culture.

Model Imogen Ivy, 24, from London
Model Imogen Ivy, 24, from London

Imogen said, “When I first started dancing online, I was a bigger woman back then. I was about a size 22 or 24.

“As a plus size woman and curve model, the representation must be higher. There is a reason why larger bodies are not romanticized in the media – that is because there is no exposure of it. That is my goal.

“On TV, if you see a fat woman, it’s most likely she’s the joke, she’s the joker. I use that power, the p * ssy energy to say we can be sexualized, we can be beautiful and romanticized. .

“I thought this was going to be fun and make someone’s day.

“I started recording it and people are starting to enjoy it.

“I did it to laugh, I’ve done stand-up comedy and stuff like that. I’m from a nudist family. For me, I do not think twice about it.”

Model Imogen Ivy, 24, from London
Model Imogen Ivy, 24, from London

After posting her brave clips online, Imogen claims she was contacted by brands like Ohne, a company that makes period pants to create branded content.

Imogen said: “The video of me wearing period pants in Piccadilly Circus is a trademark agreement.

“For me, it’s an iconic place in London, and I do it anyway, so I thought I would get paid for it.

“Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. It removes stress and anxiety. I dance to make myself feel better.

“The reason people struggle too much with their body is because they think too much about it.

“I hope women, female identifying people or non-binary people can say ‘well, if she can do that, then why can I not live up to my truth?’

“‘If she can do it, I might ask a guy on a date.’

“People dress for other people and the male gaze. What if we all dressed for ourselves?

“I also dance every day for a year. I record my life and people find it interesting.

“I just see my body as a guy.”

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