Del Duca calls for action in schools

While parents and educators eagerly await news of their return to school, Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca is again urging Doug Ford and the Conservatives to do more to protect students from COVID-19.

Del Duca said Ford has many ways to ensure a safe return to school, including the establishment of a rapid testing program that ensures each classroom has a HEPA filter and shrinking class sizes.

“If you have to delay the reopening of schools, do so based on the best advice, but in the time you get while those schools remain closed to personal learning, invest and show management to ensure that we will not end up here again, “said Del Duca.

At the time of publication, no announcement has been made by the government.

Chief Medical Officer Kieran Moore is expected to speak at his weekly update Thursday afternoon.

Ontario broke a new record on Wednesday with 10,436 new cases reported. The province’s positivity also rose to nearly 27 percent.

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