Doctors warn of new symptoms in children with Omicron | The examiner

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A doctor has warned parents to be aware of an unusual symptom that children with Omicron are now developing. Young children infected with the latest COVID variant also show up with rashes, says a doctor in London. They also suffer from fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite – all symptoms that fit with Omicron in adults. Dr. David Lloyd says about 15 percent of Omicron-positive children he has seen have developed a rash that resembles a heat rash. “We have always had a small cohort of patients with COVID who get funny rashes, but up to 15 percent of Omicron children get an unusual rash,” said Dr. Lloyd. “So we’re starting to learn a little bit more about the virus, and we’re starting to keep an eye on it.” Traditionally, the three main symptoms of COVID-19 have been a persistent cough, high temperature and loss of taste and smell. In South Africa, where the Omicron variant was first discovered, doctors have now said that the main symptoms are fatigue, body aches and headaches. READ MORE: In the meantime, an emergency national cabinet meeting will be held on Thursday, seeking nationwide coherence with definitions of close contact and isolation periods. Rapid antigen tests – and the crucial question of who pays for them – are also expected to be on the agenda, as a number of states and territories join NSW in reporting record daily case numbers as the Omicron variant takes hold around the country .


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