Eric Adams is sworn in as mayor of NYC after the Times Square ball

Out with the old mayor, in with the new one.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams will call in the new year at the Times Square ball drop at midnight Friday – and then be sworn in as 110th Mayor of the Big Apple.

Adams will immediately take over from his lame duck predecessor Bill de Blasio, whose last duties as mayor will usher in 2022 at the iconic New Year’s Eve.

Adams plans to take office using a family Bible.

“Times Square has long been synonymous with the New Year – a place of excitement, renewal and hope for the future,” the elected mayor said in a statement.

“These are the same themes that animated my campaign and will inform my mayoralty as I prepare to lead the city out of this challenging period,” Adams said.

New Year's Eve party
The newly elected mayor describes the Times Square ball as “a place of excitement, renewal and hope for the future”.
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The incoming mayor recently held an inauguration ceremony scheduled for Jan. 1 at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn due to rising coronavirus cases.

The COVID-19 increase also caused de Blasio to limit the amount and demand masks for party-goers calling into the new year at the crossroads of the world.


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