Footy superfan drops famous lime green suit for show celebrating 40th anniversary of Canberra Raiders

Canberra Raiders mascot Victor the Viking with 'The Lime Green Suit Guy' Christopher Veilands

Canberra Raiders mascot Victor the Viking with ‘The Lime Green Suit Guy’ Christopher Veilands in 2019. Photo: Delivered.

He is a man who has gone beyond the Canberra Raiders time and time again, and 2022 will be no different for ‘The Lime Green Suit Guy’ Christopher Veilands, who is set to donate his beloved green suit to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the NRL club .

The Canberra Museum + Gallery will hold a special exhibition, ‘Canberra Raiders: 40 years in the Limelight’, in early 2022. The showcase will celebrate the history of the Canberra rugby league club on the pitch, as well as the significant community contribution that the clubhouse has made. Raiders through the last 40 years.

Some people may know Christopher from seeing him put on his lime green suit at Raiders battles, as well as from his victorious performance at Hard quiz with Tom Gleeson on ABC.

The idea for the suit was born more than ten years ago when Christopher was walking through a mall in Canberra with friends and he passed a store selling a lime green suit.

“Someone said, ‘You should get one of those suits,’ and I said, ‘OK,’ and it’s gone from there,” Christopher says.

There have been a number of different iterations of the green suit since that day.

“You go in and out of your size – some good times and some bad times – and you just have to adapt to it,” Christopher says.

While there was a level of notoriety attached to being ‘The Lime Green Suit Guy’ before his appearance on Hard quiz, which changed quite dramatically after the episode aired in July 2020, when he won with the Canberra Raiders as his specialty subject.

‘It used to happen a little before Hard quiz where people would come up and say, ‘Can we get a picture?’ says Christopher. “But now everyone knows me as the guy with the green suit from Hard quiz so I get stopped a lot.

“I go down to earth and you can hear little kids say, ‘I wonder what team he’s supporting.’ start conversations with people when you go to away games. ”

The exhibit at the Canberra Museum + Gallery will showcase Christopher’s beloved green suit, as well Hard quiz mugs he received when he won the episode.

The exhibit will also feature plenty of old-school Raiders merchandise and iconic photos.

For Christopher, that means he starts the Raiders season without his beloved suit.

“From the moment I don’t have it, during the show, I just show up as a normal spectator, which should be an interesting experience if people are waiting for me in the suit,” he says.

Despite the Raiders’ overwhelming 2021 season, their superfan is optimistic about what the 2022 season may offer for the men in green.

“I think our biggest problem last year was our halfback,” Christopher says. “Between the three of them – George Williams, Sam Williams and Matt Frawley – we never really had any stability, and each player had their own strengths and weaknesses.

“I’m really excited to see what [Jamal] Fogarty brings. He learns from one of the best halfbacks to play the game in Ricky [Stuart, coach].

“I’m excited about the year. We’ve got more depth in our attacking package, and hopefully we can get through the season without too many injuries and we can reach the grand final again.”

Canberra Raiders: The 40 Years in the Limelight exhibit will run at the Canberra Museum + Gallery from February 26, 2022 to May 21, 2022.

Original article published by Max O’Driscoll on Riotact.

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