For two years, I thought Adam was the best. Then he broke my arm to prevent me from getting a new job

A survivor of domestic violence has spoken out bravely after her ex broke her arm in the middle to prevent her from going to her new job.

The woman had been in a relationship with Adam Miller, 30, for about two years when the abuse began.

He first started abusing her financially, expecting her to finance his lifestyle, to the point where she was declared bankrupt.

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So during quarrels, he resorted to violence, beating, kicking and beating her around the back of the head with such force that it made her ears ring, she said.

When she decided to start a new job as a volunteer, Miller from Stockport took the exception and attacked her in the most brutal way.

He grabbed her by the forearm, twisted and broke her arm. She needed sheet metal and hours of surgery.

Now Miller is behind bars after pleading guilty to causing grievous bodily harm, and his victim speaks out in the hope that she can help other women escape as well.

“For two years, I thought he was the best thing since sliced ​​bread,” said the woman, who wished to remain anonymous.

“But after we got together, from December 2018, he hit me in the face after an argument. After that, it continued.

‘There was daily beatings, emotional abuse and mental torture.

“He used to beat me for all sorts of things – once it was to drop his socks out of the laundry.

“He would apologize, I was horrified and felt I could not call for help.

“I used to constantly think I would end up dying.”

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She said that when she started a new job as a volunteer, he became violent and jealous.

On the day of her first shift during the lockdown, she said she had turned off her phone while she was at work, but when she turned it on again, there were lots of messages from him telling her to come home.

She said Miller ‘used Covid’ as an excuse not to go.

“He said he was worried I was going to pick up Covid at my new job, but it was not about Covid at all,” she said.

‘He did it because he was annoyed that I wanted to go to my new job instead of staying at his house.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court
Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court

‘He was angry, he said he would pick me up and I felt threatened.

“I stayed out when I was too scared to go home.

A few days later he came back and went to give me a kiss and I said no as I was still sad and he looked red.

“He said, ‘Come upstairs now,’ and I was scared, so I said no.

“He said ‘come up or I’ll pull you up’.

“He hit me twice, and then he asked me to stop, saying that if I did not stop, he would break my arm.

“Then he grabbed my arm and kept turning it and turning it until it broke.”

She said she did not go to the police immediately when he persuaded her not to, but later she called 999 and reported a burglary in an attempt to scare Miller away with a police presence.

It was then that they asked about her arm, which she hid in her bathrobe, and she ‘broke down’.

She had previously gone to the hospital for treatment, but told doctors she had fallen down the stairs when Miller was on the phone listening to what she was saying.

But the doctors told her that the fracture in her arm was similar to what they see in ‘child abuse’.

When officers conducted a PNC check of Miller, he fled, but continued to send messages to the woman until he was captured on December 15th.

“I had to live in a woman’s shelter to keep myself safe. There were people coming around the house demanding money that he owed,” she said.

‘It turned out he had a really long history of domestic violence. And he kept getting away with it.

“I just think he ends up killing someone.

“When he used to hit me around the back of the head, it sounded in my ears because he hit me so hard.”

Speaking of how it has affected her, she said: “It has been really hard.

“I pushed through as I should. I will always be scared.

“He’s going out one day, but I can not stop living my life and being a hermit.

“He said to me, ‘If I ever get in jail, I’ll know it’s your fault I’m getting more and more angry and want to kill you.’

“I never think he will change.”

She said Miller during their relationship would manipulate her by threatening to kill himself to get her to stay with him, and would threaten to crash the car while driving, and ‘kill them both’.

“He used to tell me I was s *** all over the place,” she said.

“I thought when I left him I would get my freedom back, I lost so many friends and family. He isolated me.

“I was scared of him, but he was all I had.”

But since she ended the relationship, she took courage and turned her life around.

“After I left him, I thought I had had this awful life and now I want to do something about it so I’ve got a place at university,” she said.

‘There is a lot of stigma around domestic violence. People get stuck in these cycles.

“When he said I would never do anything, I believed in him.

‘It just shows that if I can get out and do it, so can they.

“It just makes me sad to think that there are women out there who probably think they’ll never do anything with their lives.

“They can do it. It’s not too late.

“The man or woman who does it – they are scum, they will not win, they will always lose.”

Minshull Street Crown Court has previously heard that before the November 21 assault, Miller behaved ‘strangely’, sucked teeth and hit himself in the head.

“He started approaching her and said, ‘Do you think I’m kind of d ******’, and continued with his erratic behavior,” prosecutor Justin Hayhoe said.

“This made her fear for his safety and what he could do next time she felt he was assaulting her and she was right.

She described her taking a ‘reinforcing stance’, and while the accused was in that position, the accused began to assault her.

“He hit her hard in the back of the head.

“She heard the ringing in her ears from that blow for about 10 minutes and felt disoriented and struggling to get up.”

After she managed to get to her feet, Miller grabbed her left arm and tried vigorously to pull her hand and fingers back, the court heard.

He then grabbed her wrist and began to squeeze it, causing her great pain.

“He then twisted her arm behind her back with great force until she heard her arm click and felt her bone loosen,” the prosecutor continued.

“He released his grip on the arm, which flopped by her side.

“Then he said to her, ‘Let’s see you volunteer now with a broken arm.’

“Then he sent several threatening messages, including one that read, ‘Listen, you think you can do this to me, hahaha, has your arm not taught you anything?’

The woman was left with a staggered fracture of her wrist.

Miller of Fairfield Road was jailed for 36 months and subjected to indefinite detention.

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